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Quantitative scoring standard for professional and technical teacher review of primary and secondary schools in Yongzhou City

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Notice of Quantitative Scoring Standards for Job Reviews
Relevant units of county education bureaus and municipalities:
In order to further strengthen the management of the teacher team, give full play to the guiding function of professional and technical job evaluation, and guide the majority of teachers to love and work, we have based on extensive investigations and studies, combined with the basic situation of professional and technical job evaluation for many years, based on fairness, justice, and openness The basic principles of the new quantified scoring standards for the assessment of professional and technical teachers in primary and secondary schools have been formulated. They are now issued to you, please follow them.
1. Yongzhou Teachers' Intermediate Job Evaluation and Scoring Criteria (Senior Elementary School)
2. Yongzhou Teachers' Intermediate Job Evaluation and Scoring Standards (Secondary School Level)
3, Yongzhou teachers series senior job review scoring standards
Education Reform Office of Yongzhou Education Bureau
November 3, 2013
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