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County School Winter Holiday Notice

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Notice on Doing a Good Job of Winter Holidays in Primary and Middle Schools of the County in 2015

County schools, township central schools, middle schools, end primary schools, private schools:
In order to strengthen the management and guidance of various tasks during the winter vacation of primary and secondary schools, to effectively regulate the conduct of school operations in primary and secondary schools in the county, to protect the lawful rest rights of teachers and students, and to ensure that primary and secondary school students have a civilized and pleasant vacation, The spirit of relevant documents and curriculum planning arrangements, combined with the county's actual situation, are hereby notified of the following matters related to the 2015 winter vacation:

I. Holidays and start time

The county's ordinary primary and secondary schools are scheduled to have a winter vacation on February 3, 2015. The final exam time is: elementary and junior high school, January 27th to 28th; high school, January 30th to February 1st (universal examination); high school, January 2nd to 3rd. Based on various examinations such as the comprehensive examination of the senior high school level and the delays in sacrifice activities this year, as well as the short teaching time in the first semester of 2015, ordinary senior high schools can be postponed to the winter vacation on February 10. From February 6th to 7th, the senior third and second mode exams. The next semester is scheduled to register from March 3rd to 5th, 2015, and classes will begin on March 6th. Schools may not arbitrarily advance or postpone vacation and start.

2. Make good arrangements at the end of the period

Primary and secondary schools in the county should conscientiously do a good job of this semester's work summary and scientific planning and arrangement of work plans for the next semester around the decision of the county party committee and county government on "education to strengthen the county". At the compulsory education stage, schools should conscientiously organize students' final review examinations and comprehensive quality evaluation. Ordinary high schools should also do a good job in determining the credits of students this semester in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements for curriculum reform. Prior to the end of the semester, each school must seriously carry out the work of returning public property, inventory of school property, financial clearance, self-inspection of rectification of safety hazards, publicity of school affairs, data archiving, and improvement of student status management. All schools should conscientiously do a good job of the school's internal management, education and teaching, logistics management, implementation of the school calendar system, especially the work summary of classroom teaching reform and campus culture construction, and successfully complete the end of the semester.

Schools should establish sound emergency measures for extreme weather in winter and pay close attention to weather conditions. When extreme weather in winter occurs, they must decisively take safety measures such as stopping and transporting students to and from school or adjusting their work schedules. When encountering continuous extreme severe weather Holidays can be started in advance or delayed. Missing courses (examinations) can be made up for in the next semester and reported to the county education bureau for record. It is necessary to highlight the traffic safety education and prevention and control of infectious diseases in winter, focusing on school bus rectification, educating students to refuse to ride on overcrowded vehicles when returning home from school or on holidays, and students are strictly prohibited from taking illegal passenger, agricultural, tricycle and motorcycle guarantees. Elementary school students spend their holidays safely and healthily. Schools, especially boarding schools in poverty-stricken mountainous areas, must actively seek the support of relevant departments in accordance with the actual situation in the local area, and make arrangements for the use of students' cars in advance to ensure that students return home safely.

3. Effectively strengthen the guidance of holiday life

Schools should reasonably arrange students' homework assignments, and encourage the deployment of hands-on production and practical homework based on reading, physical exercise, research-based learning, social practice, and technological innovation. During the Spring Festival, students are required to actively participate in social activities such as celebrating the elders, doing good deeds for the lonely elderly, cleaning public environmental sanitation, guiding safe travel, and planting trees and protecting the green. During the winter vacation, elementary school students should participate in social practice activities for no less than 2-3 days, and middle school students for no less than 3-5 days. When students participate in social practice and social service projects, the time and place should be recorded one by one, and archived in the opening school. Conditional schools may regularly open township children's palaces, school libraries, sports venues, activity rooms, and online classrooms, etc., to truly enrich the holiday life of students, but they must not organize students to travel in any form and name.

Schools should actively cooperate with communities and parents, strengthen student legal discipline, network security, and network moral education, educate students not to participate in various illegal assemblies, gambling, and feudal superstitions, and consciously abide by national laws and social morality. Guide students to actively implement the daily behavior norms of primary and middle school students, do more good deeds, and spread positive social energy with small and good deeds. Before the holiday, all primary and secondary schools should inform the students and their parents of the opening and holiday time in a variety of ways, such as parent conferences and a "letter to parents", remind parents to arrange students' holiday life, and guide parents to strengthen their children. Educational management, prohibiting students from entering Internet cafes and other minors who are not allowed to enter places during holidays, consciously resisting harmful information, raising parents' awareness of safety and guardian responsibility, and fully fulfilling their childcare responsibilities. During the winter vacation, class teachers and teachers should strengthen communication and communication with students' parents, understand and guide parents to strengthen their children's love of learning, love of labor, love of the motherland, civilization and etiquette, respect for the elderly, child care, frugality and environmental protection.

We must earnestly do a good job of educating teachers on the legal system, strengthen the concept of law and discipline, advocate science, break down superstitions, be thrifty, and be a civilized citizen. Teachers are encouraged to establish healthy lifestyles, holiday entertainment, and to prevent illegal crimes such as gambling. Teachers should take the initiative to care for students and pay special attention to special groups such as “left-behind children”, children of migrant workers, children of single-parent families, and children of poor families. Winter holiday life. The majority of teachers should also take full advantage of the winter vacation to make good home visits, do a good job in flow control and education, and strengthen business and skills learning during the winter vacation to meet the requirements of the new normal of education development. Schools should actively encourage teachers to use the vacation time to carry out "one teacher, one excellent class, one teacher per class" activity, and actively go online to "take lessons." Schools should take advantage of the holidays to do a good job in the flow control school.

Fourth, do a good job of student safety

Before the winter vacation, schools should take various forms to focus on the safety of preventing tramples, preventing geological disasters, preventing fires, preventing cult pyramid schemes, preventing theft, gas poisoning, food poisoning, traffic safety, fireworks and firecrackers, and electric shock. Education to improve the awareness of teachers and students on safety and self-protection, and prevent accidents. After the final exams at each school, organize students to leave school safely. The notice should be sent to the students' home by mail or other forms. It is strictly forbidden for the school to organize students to collect the notice.

Schools should make full use of the favorable opportunity to investigate and rectify hidden safety hazards during the winter vacation, and thoroughly search for hidden safety hazards and weak links in safety work, focusing on school buildings, fences, school buses, canteens, boiler rooms, libraries, laboratories, gas and gas facilities, and power supply facilities. , Storage room, dangerous goods warehouse, campus surrounding environment and other key and important parts, to identify the hidden safety hazards, establish an inspection ledger and make corrections in place. It is necessary to conscientiously do a good job in the security protection of all primary and secondary schools during the winter vacation, strengthen security precautions such as fire prevention and theft prevention, strictly implement the system of leadership on duty (belt), implement on-duty duty, strengthen the management of guards and night patrols, and ensure that information channels are unblocked. It is necessary to formulate and improve emergency response plans to ensure timely and proper handling of emergencies. Schools should submit their school's holiday watch to the Office of County Education Bureau before February 16, 2015. During the winter vacation, the school does not organize students to hold large-scale activities without approval. For approved activities, safety work implementation plans and emergency contingency plans must be worked out before the activities are carried out to ensure foolproofness.

Schools should effectively assume their political responsibility for maintaining overall stability, timely grasp and prevent instability in teachers and students, prevent mass incidents and extreme events, and ensure the stability of the overall education system during the winter vacation. In case of emergency or major emergencies, the local party committee, government, and higher education administrative department shall be promptly dealt with and reported to the relevant plans and safety regulations.

V. Effectively regulate school running behavior

Schools should strictly follow the "Notice on Carrying Out the School's Burden of Miles" in Compulsory Education at the General Office of the Ministry of Education (Jiaoji Hall No. [2013] No. 13) and the Hunan Provincial Education Department's "Regulations on Further Regulating the Operation of Ordinary Primary and Secondary Schools" "Provisions on Behavior" (Xiang Jiao Fa [2009] No. 36), "Notice on Stopping Ordinary Senior High Schools to Organize Third-year Students' Holidays and Make-up Supplementary Courses" (Xiang Jiao Tong [2010] No. 465) and other provisions. Classes, make-up lessons, or disguised classes and make-ups must not be organized during vacations; public schools are strictly prohibited from renting or lending venues during the winter vacation to state-owned educational resources such as review classes and tutoring classes for elementary and middle school students; it is strictly forbidden for in-service teachers to participate in social training Complementary courses for students of this school organized by institutions or parents; on-the-job teachers are not allowed to take part-time, part-time or introduction courses in social training institutions, and organize students to participate in various training and tutoring activities of social school institutions. During the winter vacation and next spring, the county education bureau will inspect and clean up various cultural tutoring classes, preparatory classes, and Orsay classes for primary and secondary schools organized by social forces. In accordance with the principle of "who is in charge and who is responsible", the parties and relevant responsible persons shall be held strictly responsible for acts that violate the requirements of the relevant "reduction of burden" regulations.

Six, do a good job of preparing for the new semester

All schools should strengthen teacher training. Prior to the start of the school, teachers must be organized to study, prepare lessons in a collective manner, do a good job of environmental hygiene, and do all the preparations before the start of the school to create a good environment and atmosphere for students to return to school. Schools should strictly follow the Notice of Hunan Provincial Department of Education on Printing and Distributing the Catalogue of Textbooks and Teaching Reference Books for Primary and Secondary Schools in Spring of 2015 in Hunan Province (Xiang Jiao Fa [2014] No. 55) and "On Strengthening the Management of the Use of Teaching Aid Materials in Primary and Middle Schools" "Implementation Opinions" (Xiang Jiao Tong [2014] No. 26) and "Notice on Printing and Distributing Recommended Catalogues of Teaching Materials for Primary and Middle Schools in Yongzhou City" (Yong Jiao Fa [2014] No. 14) documents require review of the bibliography, subscription of student teaching materials and teacher's books And urged Xinhua Bookstore to ensure that books arrive before school, and resolutely prevent illegal pirated teaching books from entering the campus.

Strengthening supervision and inspection

The county education bureau will carry out final inspections before and after the holidays. Make random spot checks on primary and secondary schools in the county through various channels and forms, and conduct unannounced visits, verifications, and dispositions of public report information in a timely manner; school principals and parties who disregard policy regulations and violate the discipline should be investigated and dealt with together, and dealt with seriously; The schools, principals, and teachers who found problems in the inspection will be investigated in accordance with relevant regulations.

The county's secondary vocational schools and kindergartens are implemented with reference to this notice.

Education Bureau of Ningyuan County

January 7, 2015

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