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Can the child enter the first grade early?

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It's summer time, and it's time for some parents to consider their children's first grade. According to current regulations, children must be at least 6 years old to enter the first grade of primary school. But every year, some parents are tangled:

My child is less than 6 years old, but will be in first grade next year and will be over 6 years old for several months. Will it be too late then?

Although my child is just 5 years old, kindergarten has been studying for more than three years and is taller than his peers. Is it better to read first grade?

Two children, the older one is already in elementary school. In order to facilitate the transfer, I do n’t want to let the small ones go to kindergarten. Although they are under 6 years old, should they keep up with the first grade?

My child recognizes a lot of words and learns arithmetic very well. Although he is under 6 years old, he can definitely keep up with the first grade!

It's so expensive to go to kindergarten. This year I will give him (her) a first grade. If I can't keep up with another grade next year, it will save money and learn more knowledge, and lay the foundation, isn't it good?

But the school advises: It is best not to enroll early. First of all, the school does not accept the obligation of non-school-age children to enter school. If parents have to let their children enter school in advance, there will be a lot of annoying things. Maybe in the end, even if they want to enter school, the parents will be physically and mentally exhausted, and the child's physical and mental health may be affected .

At the same time, the child's physical and mental development has a certain law. If only the child's intelligence or physical factors are taken into consideration, or even whether the adult is "convenient" to determine the child's school entry time, it may eventually bring the child irreparable Negative impact.

If the child's body is tall and large, but the coordination of body movements is poor, if he goes to primary school, he will be different from his older classmate. Although some children know a lot of words, their thinking mode is still based on action and image. When they go to elementary school, they will not adapt to math and other aspects, especially after the second and third grades.

Some children have good arithmetic skills, but literacy may be almost handicapped. Therefore, when they do a math problem, they will not do it because they do not recognize the word.

It is even more irresponsible for children to enter the first grade with a "try it and try" mentality. Regardless of the compulsory education stage, repeating is strictly controlled. As soon as the child enters the first grade of primary school, it is really unnecessary for parents to give the child a “repeated student” label after one year.

Therefore, children's enrollment cannot be considered from the perspective of convenience for adults. If you feel that your child is under 6 years old but not much different from other 6-year-old children, and you want your child to go to school in advance, you should think that your child's development is better in the original age group, but after jumping a step, It will become ordinary or even worse, which will put pressure on the child's psychology, and produce the feeling that "I am not as good as others, I am stupid." Over time, self-confidence will be reduced or lost, and later, it will fall into a vicious circle. .

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