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Notice regarding the second batch of municipal key teacher selection activities

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Yongjiao Tong (2015) No. 254
骨干教师评选活动的通知 Notice regarding the second batch of municipal key teacher selection activities
Each county (administrative district) education bureau, municipal education unit:
In order to effectively strengthen the construction of teachers in primary and secondary schools, guide the majority of teachers in the city to love their posts and work actively, actively participate in classroom teaching reform, and comprehensively improve the quality of basic education. According to the "Interim Measures for the Selection and Management of Backbone Teachers in Yongzhou Primary and Middle Schools" (Yongjiao Tong [2011] No. 55), it is decided to carry out the second batch of municipal backbone teacher selection activities. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
I. Organizational Leadership
The Municipal Bureau established a leading group for the selection of key teachers at the municipal level. Comrade Jiang Junlin served as the team leader, and Wang Yachun, Teng Yongxing, He Ning, Li Mootao, Liu Anqiu, Zhang Jianhua, Chen Zeli, and Ren Fu served as deputy team leaders. The leading group has a municipal backbone teacher selection office and an expert review group. The office has a municipal education bureau teacher work section, and an expert review group has a municipal teacher development center.
Each county (administrative district) education administrative department has established corresponding institutions.
Guiding ideology
Adhere to the first ethics of teachers, pay equal attention to teaching and education, and highlight the advanced and exemplary.
Participants, evaluation quota and allocation of evaluation quota
参评对象 1. Participants
The county-level backbone teachers and disciplinary leaders identified in the past three years, and the first batch of city-level backbone teachers. The city-level subject leaders and famous teachers identified in 2015 will no longer participate in the selection of key teachers.
评选名额 2. Selection Quota
The second batch of municipal key teachers has no more than 460 candidates. Among them, the first batch of municipal backbone teachers was 306 (not included in the list of city-level subject leaders), and no more than 150 backbone teachers were planned to be newly evaluated.
Among the newly rated municipal key teachers, no more than 15 preschool teachers, no more than 25 primary school teachers, no more than 35 junior high school teachers, and no more than 75 high school (secondary) teachers.
参评名额分配 3. Quota allocation
With 150 people as the base, the quota of participants will be allocated according to the ratio of 1: 2. The number of participating counties in each county (administrative district) is shown in Annex 1.
Fourth, the selection method
新评人员以全市为单位,实行差额遴选。 1. The new appraisers shall be selected by the city as a unit.
首批市级骨干教师专项考核合格、参加市级轮训学习取得合格证且年龄符合要求(男教师不超过55周岁、女教师不超过53周岁),直接认定为第二批市级骨干教师。 2. The first batch of municipal backbone teachers passed the special assessment, participated in the municipal rotation training and obtained a certificate, and the age meets the requirements (male teachers not exceeding 55 years old, female teachers not exceeding 53 years old), and directly identified as the second batch of municipal backbone teachers .
V. Application recommendation and review
(I) Declaration Recommendation
1 . Individual declaration. The school widely publicizes and encourages teachers who meet the conditions stipulated in the "Interim Measures for the Selection and Management of Key Teachers in Yongzhou Primary and Middle Schools" to apply. According to the requirements of the document, the applying teacher prepares the corresponding participating materials.
2 School evaluation. The school has set up a special assessment team to evaluate the teachers. The assessment content includes: teacher morality, teaching performance, and the authenticity of the application materials. Teachers' conferences, grade groups, and discipline group conferences should be held to carry out democratic evaluation activities for teachers. Teacher morality and style must not be recommended if they have the following problems:
① Have domestic tutoring behavior.
② There is corporal punishment or disguised student behavior in disguise.
③Selling books or materials to students in disguise.
④ Subject to disciplinary action or criminal punishment.
⑤ The number of training hours for professional education did not meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Education.
Based on the results of the evaluation and democratic evaluation, determine the recommended candidate.
学校公示。 3. School publicity. The school announces the recommended candidates. After the announcement, the school will issue a recommendation opinion on the recommended teacher and a review opinion on the reviewed application materials. Then, report it to the Education Bureau of the county (administrative district).
(II) County District (Administrative District) Material Review
县区(管理区)教育局将学校推荐的申报对象及资料分学段、学科汇总,组织评审小组对材料进行复审。 1. The Education Bureau of the county (administrative district) summarizes the application objects and materials recommended by the school into sections and disciplines, and organizes a review team to review the materials. The focus of material review is the identification of teaching performance and the authenticity of materials. On the premise that the materials are authentic and the teacher's morality and morale are qualified, the teaching performance is used as the main basis, and the list of initial submissions is determined within the specified quota of participants.
名单初定后,进行网上公示,公示期3天。 2. After the list is initially determined, conduct online publicity for 3 days. There is no objection to the publicity, and it is reported to the Municipal Education Bureau to participate in the municipal evaluation.
Municipal education units applying for teachers shall be evaluated and reviewed by their units, sign opinions, and report directly to the municipality to participate in the municipal assessment within the prescribed quota.
(3) Municipal Evaluation
The municipal review is divided into two parts, one is the material review, and the other is the on-site assessment. Among them, material review accounts for 50 points, and on-site assessment accounts for 50 points.
材料评审(50分) 1. Material review (50 points)
① The Municipal Teacher Development Center reports the list, materials and sub-sectors and disciplines of the county (district) management bureau and municipal units.
② The municipal backbone teacher selection office guides the city teacher development center to establish a library of expert judges.
③ Randomly select the judges to form an expert review team to review the reported materials. Among them, teachers' morality and morality accounted for 10 points, teaching performance accounted for 30 points, and teaching videos (actual recording of this semester) accounted for 10 points.
现场测评(50分) 2. On-site evaluation (50 points)
Using teacher training, an expert review team was organized to conduct on-site evaluations of the participants, mainly to evaluate their basic literacy and general teaching skills.
The assessment content includes: on-site thesis writing, information technology application (lecture preparation ability), and subject knowledge examination. Among them, 10 points for thesis writing, 10 points for information technology application (lecture preparation), and 30 points for the subject knowledge test.
材料评审与现场测评两项分值汇总,报市级骨干教师评选办公室。 3. The two scores of material review and on-site assessment are summarized and reported to the municipal backbone teacher selection office.
市级骨干教师评选办公室分学段、学科提出划线意见,报市级骨干 4. The municipal backbone teacher selection office puts forward cross-line opinions for each school segment and subject, and reports to the municipal backbone
The teacher selection leading group will review and determine the preliminary shortlist.
确定初步入围名单后,进行网上公示。 5. After the preliminary shortlist is determined, conduct online publicity. Publicity 5 working days.
公示无异议,行文确定。 6. There is no objection to the announcement, and the text is determined.
Requirements for review materials
The assessment materials include: declaration forms, summary forms of teachers' morality and style in the past five years and supporting materials, teaching performance tables in the past five years, and teaching videos (requirements are the actual teaching records of this semester, and the unit and my name cannot be displayed in the videos) .
The declaration form, the summary form of teachers' morality and style in the past five years and its supporting materials, and the teaching performance status sheet in the past five years are all printed or copied with 70g A4 paper and bound into a book. The instructional video is made into a single envelop with a U disk (the envelope indicates the county, work unit, participating subject and name).
Seven, selection work requirements
1 . Effectively strengthen leadership. Municipal backbone teacher selection is a basic task of implementing the "Famous Teacher Project", and all county and district education bureaus and schools must attach great importance to it. It is necessary to adhere to the basic principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, widely launch teachers who have the qualifications to apply, and give full play to the guiding function of this activity to stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers for teaching and education.
2 It is necessary to seriously evaluate the selection discipline, strictly operate the procedures, and implement a system of review, selection and investigation. Each county (administrative district) education administrative department and municipal education unit shall set up a report mailbox and e-mail box to open reporting channels. The telephone number for the municipal key teacher evaluation report is: 8211562.
3 Implement a system of accountability for selection. The school is responsible for the morality and style of the recommended teachers, and the school and county (administrative district) education administrative departments are responsible for the authenticity of the materials. In the course of the selection and organization, major fraud or dereliction of duty will occur. Once verified, the principal responsible person of the relevant unit will be instructed to conduct an in-depth review, notify the city, and deal with it according to relevant regulations according to the severity of the situation.
4 . The education bureaus and municipal education units of all counties (administrative districts) must complete the review of the second batch of city backbone teachers' application materials by December 16, 2015, and submit the participant's summary table, materials and list of materials by December 16. Send to City Teacher Development Center.
Attachment: 1. Application form for the second batch of backbone teachers in Yongzhou
永州市第二批骨干教师评选材料清单 2. List of materials selected by the second batch of key teachers in Yongzhou
永州市第二批骨干教师评选申报表 3. Application form for the second batch of key teachers in Yongzhou
永州市第二批骨干教师评选师德师风情况汇总表 4. Summary of morals and morals of the second batch of key teachers selected by Yongzhou
永州市第二批骨干教师评选教学业绩状况表 5. Teaching performance of the second batch of key teachers in Yongzhou
永州市第二批骨干教师评选民主评议表 6. Democratic evaluation form for the second batch of key teachers in Yongzhou
永州市第二批骨干教师参评人员汇总表 7. Summary table of the second batch of backbone teachers participating in Yongzhou
首批市级骨干教师考核合格名单(非学科带头人) 8. List of the first batch of municipal backbone teachers qualified for assessment (non-disciplinary leader)
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  December 9, 2015
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