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Experimental Primary School: The exciting "June 1" Festival

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Experimental Primary School: The exciting "June 1" Festival

(通讯员 欧迎春) 六月的阳光灿烂无比,六月的鲜花争齐斗艳,六月的歌声婉转动听。 News from this website (correspondent Ou Yingchun) The sun in June is extremely bright. The children sang laughter, spread joy, and planted hope. They bathed in the sunshine of love and ushered in another new "Six Day" festival.
This year's "Six Day", the experimental elementary school carried out different forms of celebrations, leaving children with unforgettable childhood memories. On the morning of June 1st, the school held a new team joining ceremony. Principal Cai Wenbin addressed the children with a "June 1" holiday congratulations and sent the children holiday blessings and greetings. At the joining ceremony, 328 new players gloriously joined the Young Pioneers organization and became a collective glorious member of the Young Pioneers. Then, the school praised the outstanding players.
In the afternoon, the school organized celebration activities in various grades, with rich content and wonderful programs. The first and second grades are mainly fun games; the third and fourth grades are mainly cultural activities; the fifth and sixth grades are mainly experience activities. Under the leadership of the teacher, younger students play many fun games such as “drumming and passing flowers”, “glass beading”, “robbing the stool”, “playing table tennis”, “sticking the nose”, “ballooning”, etc. in each classroom The laughter of children kept coming.
Middle-aged literary and art programs pushed today's activities to a climax. The children were dressed in festive costumes and "showed" themselves, showing their wonderful performances. Lively Latin dance performances, Yu Yinxian's zither performances, lively textbook shows, and other shows are endless. The young audiences were all cheerful, co-operating with cheerful music, interacting on and off the stage, and the applause continued.
In the senior year, "Share food, experience happiness" is the most exciting activity. The students brought the dishes and snacks prepared under the guidance of their parents to school. You taste the dishes I made and I eat your snacks. The taste shared is much more happy than the food. Some "diners" also "taste their opinions" on other people's cuisine, like little gourmets. The dishes are fragrant and lively, and the sighs and laughter of the school are one after another, and the whole activity is filled with a harmonious and joyful atmosphere.
On campus, blooming smiles, excited children, delighted teachers, wonderful performances, moving melodies ... make up an ocean of joy! Let colorful childhood and innocence settle down in this beautiful time, leaving every child with childhood memories.

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