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Home under the same blue sky

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Experimental Primary School: A Home Under the Same Blue Sky
(Correspondent Cai Huihua) On May 31, the experimental elementary school organized 10 representatives of left-behind children to participate in the activities of left-behind children celebrating the "Six Days" affection held by Ningyuan County Women and Children's Work Committee in Jiuying Mountain to experience the Shunde culture. .
During the activity, the children received the sympathy and care from the leaders of the county committee and caring people from all walks of life, and deeply felt the love and warmth of the people. At the same time, the children also gave back this deep love --- putting a red scarf on the caring people and presenting a standard team ceremony. During the visit to the Emperor Shun's Mausoleum and Museum in Jiuyi Mountain, the children experienced the beautiful scenery of Jiuyi Mountain, comprehended the essence of the Shunde culture of "Xiaogan Heaven and Earth Decasting the Earth," and deepened their knowledge of the history and culture of their hometown. Have a meaningful Children's Day.
"Whoever speaks carelessly is rewarded with San Chunhui and gratitude, but only through hard work! I must study hard, get good results, grow up to serve the motherland, be a pillar of the motherland, and build a better country ..." This is the speech made by the left-behind child of the experimental elementary school, Bai Xiaoxuan. We heard the gratitude of the children, and we saw the bright future of the motherland.
Caring for the left-behind children, sowing the loving sunshine, everyone gives a little love, so that the left-behind children are no longer lonely and lonely, and have the same warm home under the same blue sky!
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