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Experimental Elementary School: Tug of War Than Unity

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Experimental Elementary School: Tug of War Than Unity

(通讯员欧迎春) 为了丰富六年级学生的课余生活,培养同学们的团队精神和集体荣誉感,4月11日下午,实验小学六年级在操场上举行了一场振奋人心的拔河比赛。 In order to enrich the sixth-year students' extra-curricular life and cultivate their team spirit and sense of collective honor, on the afternoon of April 11, the sixth grade of Experimental Primary School held an exciting tug of war on the playground .
With the command of the referee, the exciting tug of war began! The players on both sides firmly grasped the rope and pulled back together. The enthusiastic cheerleader shouted outside the venue: "Come on! Come on!" Cheers and cheers, one after another, boiled on campus ... Every heart was nervous for the little red line on the long rope! Every game affects the hearts of teachers and students! The teams in each class go all out! Than the unity, the game has a style.
This activity enhanced the quality of the students' will, condensed the centripetal force of the class, and made them understand that only by working hard and twisting into a rope can we become a huge force! Students will use this spirit to meet every challenge in the future and leave wonderful memories for their primary school life.
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