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Experimental Primary School: Class Corner

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Experimental Primary School: Class Corner

(通讯员宋盛军) 为营造浓郁的读书氛围,进一步激发学生的阅读兴趣,提高阅读能力,让学生养成“好读书、读好书”的良好习惯,宁远县实验小学开展了“班级图书角书香溢校园”的活动。 (Newsletter Song Shengjun) In order to create a strong reading atmosphere, further stimulate students' reading interest, improve reading ability, and enable students to develop a good habit of "reading well, reading good books", Ningyuan Experimental Primary School launched a "class book Corner Book Scent of the Campus ".
The class book corner becomes an important supplement to the school library with its flexibility and practicality. The use of the class book corner can broaden students' horizons, increase students' knowledge, stimulate students' reading interest, enhance the reading atmosphere of the class, and truly play reading outside the classroom. Its role is also an important content of class culture construction.
Since the launch of this activity, students in each class have placed books they have read at home in the book corner, and exchanged ideas between students. Not only did the students read the books, they also saved some money for book purchases, and they also helped students Happiness. After class, students are immersed in the sea of books, read carefully, the book fragrance overflows the entire campus.

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