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Parents must read: Good family education is these concentrated 6 sentences

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First sentence: Good parents have learned.
There are no born successful parents nor parents who do not need to learn. Successful parents are the result of continuous learning and improvement. I have come into contact with so many outstanding parents, and none of them have succeeded in teaching their children easily. An excellent mother even said: Many people think that I am very relaxed, saying that your child is so good, you do n’t need to worry about it, I do n’t know that I actually have one eye open at night! A good mother takes precautions, and an unqualified mother is that the child's problem is very serious. Even the teacher has talked to the child and she has not realized that the problem exists.
Comrade Shen Liping, the country's first outstanding mother, was an artist. In order to learn painting, she not only went to university, but also went to the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts to study; not only bought books, but also visited countless art exhibitions and listened to countless academic reports. However, she never realized that it should take time to train her children. It was not until the child was severely disabled due to an air crash that she began to really learn to be a mother. Thanks to her own efforts, she finally helped the child overcome the disability and became a praise of the Norwegian people. Chinese hero ".
In the 21st century, the information society has higher and higher requirements on the quality of people, and any position requires training and assessment. However, it seems that only child rearing and educating children do not need training. It seems that they will be automatically employed and never laid off. Recognition is wrong. Everyone must learn relevant knowledge before becoming a parent. The sooner the better, the better and the better the consciousness and knowledge about how to be a parent should be prepared.
Second sentence: Good boys are taught.
I have contacted hundreds of excellent parents. One thing they all have in common is that they are diligent in educating their children. As Shen Liping did, if she said it herself, people would not think she was in the son of Wang Jiapeng. So much effort was spent behind growth. Her colleagues and friends all said: Except that there was no way for the plane to fall, you did everything to the extreme, and you did not delay the child. But how difficult it is to do this!
Some people may say that there are so many parents who don't know a word and don't educate good children? In fact, illiteracy is not impossible, these parents are also masters of educating their children.
The "Focus Interview" program once introduced the story of An Jinpeng, the gold medalist of the world middle school students. His family was very poor, he was admitted to a key middle school, but he did n’t have the money to go. His father said that he would let his children go to work, and they have n’t worked in college yet, let alone whether you can get into college or not. But her mother strongly disagreed and sold the only donkey in the family. Children in middle school are the only people who ca n’t afford even vegetarian food, and the only people who ca n’t afford soap. Do children rely on themselves like this? When I asked in person, I knew that although the mother did not even graduate from elementary school, she let her child do four math operations before elementary school. How many more parents can do this alone?
Third sentence: Good habits are cultivated.
Many parents blame their children's bad habits on the school, blame the teachers, and blame the children themselves, but they do not blame themselves. In fact, most of the habit of the child-whether it is good habit or bad habit are cultivated by our parents intentionally or unintentionally. Just as Shanghainese speaks Shanghainese to eat Shanghai food, Sichuanese speaks Sichuanese to eat Sichuan food, as if they were born without training, but this is not the case. Parents are teaching every moment, so that they do n’t realize they In teaching, this is the "essential education", which is a much more powerful essential education than "show education".
The best children are mostly the result of quality education, and the problem children are mostly the products of problem families. Most of the children's problems are not caused by the children themselves, but are the reflection of parental problems. Parents are often the biggest producers of children's problems, and they are also the biggest obstacles for children to correct mistakes and defects. The immediate task is not to educate children, but to educate parents. Without parents' change, there will be no changes to children. There are no children who do not want to learn well, only children who cannot learn well, children who do not have poor education, and only parents who cannot teach. Therefore, scold yourself before scolding the child, and beat yourself before hitting the child. Only in this way can you completely change yourself.
Fourth sentence: Good grades are all helped.
With regard to quality education and test-oriented education, the entire society must have a correct understanding. Examination-based education is a problem that cannot be avoided by both schools and parents, and needs to be adapted by both schools and parents. Examination ability education and quality education are not contradictory. Quality education without examination ability is not true quality education.
According to statistics, there are nearly 10 million "lost" minors in China. The so-called idle minors refer to children who are supposed to go to school instead of reading and choose to drop out of school. Of these, 94% are the result of academic failure. Backwardness, tiredness, truancy, and running away from home have become crimes against minors Four steps.
Therefore, helping children adapt to test-oriented education has become a duty of our parents. The best way to help children reduce their burden is to increase the burden on our parents, that is, our parents can become children's mentors.
Good grades are certainly brought out by school teachers, but in today's fierce competition for exam-oriented education, these good grades are becoming more and more saturated with the sweat of their parents.
Fifth sentence: Good communication is heard.
For parents of children entering junior high and high school, there is a common confusion that is that it is difficult to communicate with children. Children entering adolescence and mothers entering menopause have more conflicts, not only because of the internal psychological turbulence, but more importantly, the external pressure of both is very large. The child is facing the pressure to enter school, and the mother is facing a career. Pressure, it is even more necessary to strengthen communication.
Most good parents do a good job in this respect. Their good communication comes from consciously following these three principles:
The first step is listening, which is to let the child speak and understand the true meaning of the child's words.
The second step is understanding, which is to think from a child's point of view whether it makes sense, and the result is often justified.
The third step is advice. Justified children don't necessarily take corrective action, so parents should give advice here.
Of these three steps, listening is the worst thing parents can do.
Every child grows up with the problem, every parent also grows up with the problem. The child who does not encounter the problem cannot be found, and the parent who does not encounter the problem cannot be found. The key is Be as calm as any good parent to find a solution.
The sixth sentence: good achievements are all transformed. <BR> Intellect is not the most important. Will is more important than intelligence, will be more important than will, and more important than mind is a person's character.
Unfortunately, the number of people who attach importance to morals is not increasing, but fewer and fewer. It is not appropriate for parents to talk about moral education. As for talking about a person's mind and ambition, it is an overseas talk that our parents do not want to listen to, because it has nothing to do with the current test scores!
In fact, these are the most important things in a person's growth. When we look at biographies, we are often very impressed by the extraordinaryness of the messenger in his childhood, because this achievement motivation has a huge impact on a person.
The most important factors such as will, mind, morality, etc. can not have effect through "parent education" such as preaching by parents, but through parents' behavior, that is, "potential education".
In addition to the exemplary role that parents can do, the best way for children to develop a big mind is to allow their children to read more famous books and biographies of great people, so that children can see society and themselves from the perspective of great people from primary schools.
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