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The most unsuccessful education is to make children grow up

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There is an aunt who has been a language teacher for a lifetime. After retirement, many people came here to ask her to mentor her children. Someone asked a few different relationships, and came again and again, but the aunt couldn't push it and said, "Then let's try it once. Take a paper from the most recent exam and analyze it."
The agreed time was that the father of some worth came with the child, but he was humbly and embarrassed for a long time. At the beginning of the class, the aunt said, "Please take out the paper."
The little girl started to flip her schoolbag, tossed and shrugged, "I forgot to take it, and I was in the classroom seat." At this time, the little girl remembered that the homework to be handed in tomorrow was to change the paper. Looking back, "Dad, I'm sitting in the second row of the classroom, next to the window, go and get it for me!"
Dad stood up immediately, lifted his feet and left, took a step to think of it and asked, "What do you need to hand in tomorrow? Quickly check, I'll get it back to you together."
At this time, the aunt said, "Student, please put away the good stuff and go with your father. Today's class is not over."
The fourth-year girl was very surprised, and it was estimated that no one had ever talked to her like that. With a mouth squinted and a twisted head, he was clearly angry. The girl's dad hurriedly laughed and said, "Teacher, the school is not far away. You can come back by driving for half an hour. We must make an example."
An old teacher who has taught elementary school for 45 years said, "Learning, especially basic education, is most importantly not smart or hard. It is students who want to know that learning is their responsibility and cannot be excused. It seems that she is at home. Have n’t you ever taken responsibility for your own mistakes? Children who do n’t have a sense of responsibility and who do n’t know how to take responsibility cannot be taught. ”
The aunt had a problem, not that the child had forgotten to bring the paper. Who hasn't forgotten the time? But "forgetting" is always a negligence, a mistake that causes a given distress. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, since you are wrong, at least you must have a self-review attitude. How can there be progress without self-examination and with the help of others?
Chinese parents are the world's most willing to spend time, regardless of cost, and spare no effort to train their children. For the sake of children, you can go to the sword and go down the sea of fire and crush the dead, at any cost; but Chinese parents are also the world ’s most hopeful, best-paid, and dedicated parents.
Your calf is so affectionate that your child will never grow up.

Allowing a toothless baby to eat lumpy foods can cause the baby to chew poorly and possibly suffocate. Having a toothy child drink only milk will lead to malnutrition and prevent the child from developing at all. The most essential difference between children and adults is not whether they understand the maths, whether they can speak English, or whether they can memorize 300 Tang poems, but face life and face choices. His own name is still looking around, looking for the shadow of his guardian in the crowd.
It is the responsibility of parents to spoil and protect their offspring.
Family relationships are always deep and blind. From small to large, as long as we have parents, we have been over-protected; we do not need to bear the consequences, and the worst consequences are nothing more than saying "not a case".
No matter how old you are, your heart will always stay at the age of 8 years, and you will always be a "baby" and a child who will not grow up. This is evading responsibility and destroying itself.
In fact, there are not so many beautiful things in the world that don't require any effort. Most things in the world require our hard work.
Obedience to God's will and freewheeling are two things that have nothing to do with each other.

"Ren" is one of the simplest characters in Chinese and one of the hardest characters in Chinese. It is not difficult to win, you can stand if you can lose, and you are the one who can stand. Unable to stand, sitting down against Feng Yin is called "Hugh".
A person who has no sense of responsibility and dares not to be responsible can only be a follower who is quiet and silent, and will never be a leader. The most important quality of Cheng Daqi is to take responsibility.
No matter how close we are to love, to love, to be intimate, or to be reluctant, we must rely on parents, lovers, friends, children, and no one else in our life. Everyone must have a life, no one can depend on it, no one can rely on it, only to carry it on their own.
Life will always be like this: In the eyes of others, all you see is the scenery of butterflies flying, and only you can understand the pain of breaking a cocoon into a butterfly.
Maturity means, needless to say, carry it on your own, take on yourself, Jin Yu goes beyond it, knowing cold and warm.

[Source of this article: Weibo @ 卢璐 说]

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