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Planning and publicity of pedestrian bridge design at the intersection of Experimental Primary School

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This project is located in the middle of Shuishi Road on the south side of Ningyuan County. It intersects Lengjiang Avenue perpendicularly and runs parallel to Jiuyi Road. It is a second urban thoroughfare. Comprehensive north-south urban road. Both sides of the road are the experimental elementary school, CCB, Power Bureau, Ningyuan Traffic Police Brigade, county government, and street shops on both sides of the street. At present, the experimental elementary school on the west side of the intersection of Shuishi Middle Road and Jianshe Road has a large number of schools. The intersection's vehicles for picking up students, school students and passing vehicles are very crowded and traffic pressure is high. Therefore, Shuishi Middle Road not only bears the function of traffic distribution, but also the traffic police team's access to vehicles, student channels and commercial streets. . The proposed pedestrian bridge is located in the traffic police brigade, experimental elementary school, electric power bureau, and Xingwang Street at the intersection of Shuishi Middle Road and Yujian Road. The pedestrian bridge is mainly to solve the safety problems of a large number of experimental elementary school students crossing the street and to divert people and vehicles.

基本完成, 即将 按照《 中华人民 共和国城乡规划法》 湖南省 实施中华人民共和国 城乡规划 法办法》 法律法规规定,按程序报批。 At present, the design and preparation of the pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Shuishi Road Experimental Primary School in Ningyuan County has been basically completed, and will be submitted for approval in accordance with laws and regulations such as the " Law of the People's Republic of China on Urban and Rural Planning" and the " Measures for Implementing the Law of the People's Republic of China on Urban and Rural Planning " . 上报审批前,现依法向 社会公示 ,征询广大市民宝贵意见。 Before submitting the report for approval, it is now publicly disclosed to the public in accordance with the law , soliciting valuable opinions from the general public.

公示 时间: 2017年6月5日 -201 7年7月4日 I. Publicity time: June 5, 2017-July 4, 201

公示 方式:在宁远县政府网站 公示 2. Publicity : Publicity on Ningyuan County Government Website

公示 意见反馈方式 Third , public opinion feedback method

书面反馈: 可寄信件 至宁远县 城市 管理行政执法局 1. Written feedback: You can send a letter to Ningyuan County Urban Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau ;

网络反馈邮箱: 764399627@qq.com 请注明 规划公示 意见 字样, 并留下相应联系方式; 2. Network feedback email: 764399627@qq.com , please indicate " planning public opinion " and leave corresponding contact information;

咨询电话: 张主任 Consultation Tel: Director Zhang   13874358998

Fives,   Technical standards and load design values

1. Design base period: 100 years.

2. Bridge deck width: The main bridge sidewalk width is 2m, and the sidewalk ladder width is 2m (net 1.6m, 2 0.20m railing).

3. Clearance under the bridge: ≥5.0 m.

4. Longitudinal slope of bridge deck:

5. Cross slope of bridge deck:

6. Design crowd load: 4.5 kN / m2.

7. Seismic fortification intensity: Designed according to 7 degrees, fortified at 8 degrees.

Overall design

1. Site selection of pedestrian bridge

The humanized design is first reflected in the site selection of the flyover. In some places, many pedestrians would rather race against the traffic than take the footbridge. The biggest reason is that the site selection is improper, the pedestrians travel too far, and the footbridges are virtually useless. They have not played their proper role. The proper selection of the flyover is directly related to its utilization rate.

The proposed flyover is located between the traffic police brigade, the experimental elementary school, the electric power bureau, and Xingwang Street, which is convenient for students to go to school and for citizens to do business and shopping.   40m, to meet the psychological needs of pedestrians to cross the road with the shortest distance and the smallest climb. And set up several commercial small places on the pedestrian bridge to attract students to cross the pedestrian bridge when crossing the street, and set up a special bridge access for students on the side near the experimental elementary school.

2. Steel structure design

Seven,   Bridge Design Concept

1. Reasonably optimize the bridge layout on the premise of meeting the functional requirements, meet the aesthetic requirements of urban bridges as much as possible while saving costs, highlight the characteristics of urban landscapes, and establish a brand image.

2. The overall concept of the bridge design plan should highlight the landscape effect of the footbridge, make full use of the natural characteristics of the area, and handle the coordinated and harmonious relationship between the footbridge and the surrounding environment. Through the selection of suitable spans, materials and construction schemes, both economical and beautiful results are achieved.

3. Sufficient and suitable bridge width to meet the traffic function of the footbridge as the main pedestrian passage.

4. The operability of the bridge scheme, combined with the topographical features of the bridge site, formulate a reasonable construction scheme to minimize construction costs and reduce interference to existing roads and the environment.

Design of Landscape Elements

Aesthetic success largely comes from high-level detailing.

1. Handrail: Use high-quality and corrosion-resistant stainless steel railing handrail. This material does not absorb heat very much. In the hottest weather, it will not be hot against wooden handrails, making pedestrians happy to use. The railing is made of stainless steel.

2. Bridge deck: The bridge deck is prepared with high-quality corrosion-resistant wooden boards or threaded steel boards to prevent slipping.

3. Illumination: The illumination is projected, no lamps can be seen during the day, and it is more beautiful. White light is usually recommended, and colored light can be used on holidays.

4. Color treatment: Try to use the natural colors of the structural materials to build and decorate the bridge, and give people a sense of strength, ease and security through the difference in material color and texture. Through the expression of the true nature of modern high-tech materials, it gives people a modern sense of structure.


1. Pedestrian bridge plan at the intersection of Shuishi Road Experimental Primary School in Ningyuan County

  Experimental Primary School Footbridge.pdf

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