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Ningyuan Experimental Primary School launches "three comparisons and three innovations" and young teachers teaching competition

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The maggot Zhao Su, Wan Mu sprouting, flowers blooming together, each exhibition director. Recently, the school has carried out a solid and effective "three comparisons and three innovations" and young teachers classroom teaching contest. This unique teaching competition is like a gentle spring breeze, and the school ’s young teachers have ushered in another golden period of “professional growth”.
The five-day teaching competition was divided into two major groups: Chinese and Mathematics. A total of 24 young teachers participated in the competition. The school leaders, teaching and research team leaders and key teachers from various disciplines were in charge of the jury.
All the participating classes are taught in the "four-link" teaching mode. The participating teachers are confident and confident, and show their unique teaching style. In the classroom, the teachers carefully crafted courseware, humorous language, in-depth explanations, interpreted wonderful displays, designed novel blackboards, demonstrated the teachers' solid teaching skills and superb classroom control ability. The judges and teachers present praised him.
Every lesson in this teaching competition, whether it is the teaching style of the teacher or the learning process of the students, fully reflects the teaching concept of the new curriculum reform, and demonstrates the demeanor of young teachers. After the game, the judges carefully commented on each class.
This activity guided young teachers to follow the path of professional growth, enriched the teaching theories and skills of young teachers, and established a platform for young teachers to demonstrate their abilities, find gaps, and seek improvement. It has laid the foundation for the construction of a new era of young teachers with noble morality, advanced consciousness, sophisticated business and innovative and practical work, which is a microcosm of the school's in-depth implementation of the "three ratios and three innovations" activity.

(Originally published in Yongzhou News Author: Lei Xiuli Wang Yongming)

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