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Ningyuan Experimental Primary School organized a visit to the anti-drug education base to promote the "Sunflower" project

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In order to strengthen the drug education and education for young people, cultivate their perseverance, and improve their ideological awareness of drug detection, prevention, and rejection. On the afternoon of April 16th, our school's political office and the brigade department jointly organized the fifth grade students to visit Ningyuan No. 1 Middle School to carry out a visit to the anti-drug education base and promote the implementation of the "Sunflower" project.

Under the leadership of the teacher, the students entered the anti-drug education base in an orderly manner. In the conference room, everyone first watched the anti-drug education publicity video, and the commentator explained at the same time, leading the students to understand the harm of drugs and the history of anti-drug.
Later, the students visited the imitation drug samples, learned about the drug properties of various drugs and the consequences of long-term drug use. Through the drug crime cases that occurred in the county in recent years, the students deeply realized that drugs are harmful to individuals, families, and society. The serious harm of people is that once they get caught in drug addiction, they can hardly extricate themselves from their lives. After watching shocking pictures and thought-provoking cases, the students strongly realized that drugs have destroyed many people's happy lives, and at the same time, they deeply condemned criminals who hate drug-making and drug trafficking for social crimes. Under evil.
Finally, before leaving, teachers and students took a group photo in front of the door of the anti-drug education base. Everyone said that they should plant their ideology of drug identification, anti-drug and anti-drug deep in their hearts, and not only should they advertise the harm of drugs to friends and relatives. Moreover, we must mobilize more people to participate in the fight against drugs, stay away from drugs, reject drugs, and cherish life.
This activity is the normalization of the "Sunflower" project in our school. It made the students feel an educational journey that touched their hearts, strengthened the students ’awareness of staying away from drugs, and increased the students’ conscious resistance to drugs and self-protection. The ability to build a solid defense line for classmates to recognize, repel, and prevent poisons has laid a more solid foundation for the school to create a safe campus.

(Contributed by Wang Yongming, Pei Fenli, Lei Xiuli)

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