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Welcome assessment and inspection, show small style

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On the morning of May 31, a team of four from the Fourth Inspection and Evaluation Group of the Ningyuan Education Bureau came to our school to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and inspection of the school level in the 2018-2019 school year.

First of all, Cai Wenbin, the principal of our school, gave a detailed report to the assessment team and all teachers on the comprehensive school running situation in the past year.
After that, the assessment team took the form of “measurement, investigation, listening, watching, and interviewing”, and successively conducted democratic evaluations of the administrative team of the school, consulted various inspection materials, randomly went to the classroom to listen to the class, watched the students ’big class activities, and Discussions between teachers and students. Comprehensive evaluation of the work of the school over the past year, using score evaluation.
After careful inspection, the evaluation team timely exchanged feedback on various tasks. At the exchange and feedback meeting, Wang Zhiwang, the leader of the evaluation team, gave full work to the experimental elementary school's school philosophy, school characteristics, party building work, teaching and research, safety management, logistics services, teacher and student activities, campus health, research innovation, etc. Affirmation and high evaluation, especially praised the teaching quality of our school has always been among the best in the county, is an "evergreen tree" in Ningyuan primary school education. At the same time, group leader Wang also put forward constructive opinions and requirements for the school in terms of improving the station, standardizing the running of schools, and building brands.
Finally, the principal of our school Cai Wenbin made a statement: Thank the evaluation team for coming to the school for a half-day high-intensity and efficient work inspection, and thank the evaluation team for their objective and fair evaluation of the school's various work. Fully agree with the comments and requirements put forward by the evaluation team, expressing that it will take this comprehensive evaluation and inspection as an opportunity, and take the evaluation and reform opinions as a breakthrough point, continue to innovate the education management mechanism, continue to innovate teaching and research methods, continue to improve the quality of education and teaching, and continue to write Ningyuan's education has made new and greater contributions.
(Contributed by Wang Yongming)

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