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The second session of the experimental elementary school public welfare class

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Travel with the classics and sages. In order to promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, create an excellent cultural atmosphere, build a harmonious campus, cultivate the noble sentiment of students, and enrich the cultural heritage of students, on September 20th, the second session of the Ningyuan Experimental Primary School Public Welfare National School opened.

At the opening ceremony, the children worshiped at the ceremony under the leadership of the host, and carried out activities such as "clean hands, pure heart", "Zhu Sha Qi Zhi", ordering Zhu Sha, and reading Chinese classics.

The director of Yongzhou Education Bureau He Lingjuan and the principal of Ningyuan Experimental Primary School Ouyang Zhigui delivered speeches to the Chinese academy, encouraging students to be determined to study Chinese academy, and to become good students with united morals and ambition.

In recent years, the school has carried out an in-depth reading activity of "Reading Chinese Classics and Creating a Book Campus", and has set up a study group on Chinese Classics reading and a Chinese public welfare class. Selected poems, famous sayings, and aphorisms are used to decorate corridors, classrooms, and display windows. On the campus radio and blackboard newspapers, Chinese classical classic reading columns are opened, so that students can bathe in them and get immersed, infected and infiltrated. The happy learning method is implemented. Every Monday, the flag-raising ceremony reads Chinese classics, and the campus is filled with a strong aroma of books.

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