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The theme education mobilization meeting of Tongshan Subdistrict Educational System "Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission" Held in Our School

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In order to thoroughly implement the important deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on carrying out the theme education of remembering the mission and keeping the mission in mind throughout the party, on October 11, all comrades of the party, school, kindergarten, and private teaching institution of Tongshan Street, Ningyuan County ’s fourth supervisory responsibility zone Attended the theme education mobilization meeting of “Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission” held in Ningyuan Experimental Primary School. Huang Haoqing, the leader of the Ninyuan Education System's fourth itinerary guidance group, and Li Ming, director of the Tongshan Sub-district Party and Government Office attended the meeting. The conference was chaired by Comrade Jiang Mingli, the inspector of the Fourth Supervision Responsibility Area of the County Education Bureau, and Sun Rencheng made a keynote speech.
Before the meeting, all the party members stood up and sang "No New China Without Communist Party" with passion. Subsequently, Comrade Sun Rencheng, the deputy leader of the Fourth Supervisory Responsibility Area, made a mobilization speech and put forward three requirements on the theme education of "Don't forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind". First, adhere to the goal-oriented, implement the general requirements and fundamental tasks; Measures to solidly promote the theme education activities; the third is to strengthen leadership responsibilities to ensure that the theme education achieves effective results.
Then, Comrade Huang Haoqing spoke. He first affirmed that the party branch of the experimental elementary school attached great importance to this event, and was able to fully prepare for the mobilization meeting in a short time, provide good support services, and demonstrate the school's good image and branch team. Extremely strong combat effectiveness. Subsequently, he gave specific guidance on the theme education. First, it is necessary to closely follow the main thread of the theme; second, to highlight the key objects; to promote; to play the role of the branch; Formalism is advancing. At the same time, we will further understand the situation and put forward work recommendations to ensure that guidance is not arranged and not in place.
Finally, Comrade Jiang Mingli, the supervisor of the responsibility area, summed up the theme education, asking schools to quickly convey the spirit of the meeting, improve their political standing, earnestly fulfill their duties, accurately grasp the requirements of the theme education activities, and implement the theme in accordance with the plan. Education to ensure the effectiveness of the theme education.
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