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Ningyuan Experimental Primary School Campus Safety Responsibility Division

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In order to effectively complete the school's stability, comprehensive management, and safety work, ensure the continued stability of the school's education and teaching situation, and ensure the smooth development of various tasks in the school, in accordance with the instructions of the superiors, combined with the actual situation of our school, and after research, determine the safety work Clarification of personnel responsibilities.
I. Leading Group for School Safety
Team leader : Ouyang Zhigui
Deputy Leaders: Ou Yanneng, Wang Dongmei , Cai Huihua, Chen Xingmei
Cheng Yi : members of the school's school council, class leaders and class teachers
The leading group is responsible for implementing the relevant policies and regulations of the superiors and the spirit of the meeting; regularly convening special meetings to arrange the safety work of the school; formulating safety plans for various tasks; frequently checking for safety hazards and timely rectification to ensure normal teaching order; strengthening the teacher and student Carry out safety education and training to further enhance the awareness of teachers and students on safety precautions and consciousness of safety work.
2. School safety responsibility division
Ouyang Zhigui : Fully responsible for school safety work;
Ou Yanneng : In charge of school safety work, overall coordination , in charge of related security work of the Political Office, Young Pioneer , and contact in charge of first- grade related security work;
Wang Dongmei : Responsible for the related security work of the teaching affairs office, library , and school function room , and contact the related security work of the fourth grade .
Cai Huihua : Responsible for the related security work of the General Affairs Office and the Women's Committee , and contact the fifth- level related security work;
Chen Xingmei : Responsible for the related safety work of the teaching department and the second grade related safety work;
Zou Yousheng and Pan Limin : Responsible for the related security work of the union and branch, and contact the third-level related security work;
Ou Xiangli : (first-year group leader) : responsible for the first-year related safety work ;
Ou Qiuxiang: (Year 2 Group Leader) : Responsible for safety work related to Year 2 ;
Gong Qiaozhen: (Year 3 Group Leader) : In charge of safety work related to Year 3 ;
Jian Xiaoyong: (fourth grade team leader): in charge of fourth grade related safety work ;
Wei Yuhong: (5th grade team leader): Responsible for 5th grade safety work .
Team leader
Contact Grade
Associate School Leader
Contact Class Leader
O 'Xiangli
Ou Yanneng
Liu Zhenwan Class 1-5, He Xiaoyan Class 6-9, Bai Xiangli Class 10-13
Ou Qiuxiang
Chen Xingmei
He Huiyun Class 1-7
He Niying Class 8-14
Gong Qiaozhen
Zou Yousheng
Pan Limin
Li Yunjun Class 1-7
Luo Maosong Class 8-15
Jian Xiaoyong
Wang Dongmei
Liu Hongwei Class 1-7
Tian Yaojuan Class 8-14
Wei Yuhong
Cai Huihua
Deng Guijun, Class 1-5, Zhou Xiaoli, Class 6-10, Luo Jie, Class 11-15
3. Division of Security and Responsibilities of Various Departments
(1 ) Political Work Department (responsible person: Ou Yanneng , Liu Zhenwan, He Xiaoyan , and Bai Xiangli )
It is specifically responsible for implementing the spirit of higher-level safety work, conducting regular safety inspections, supervising various departments and relevant personnel of the school to investigate, discover, and rectify potential safety hazards, collecting and organizing safety work data of various departments and departments, and establishing school safety archives. Instruct students on the safety of extra-curricular activities, the safety of assembly, and the safety of student training. Do a good job of students' mental health education, legal education, safety education and class teacher training. The details are as follows:
1 . Do a good job in routine management and education of behavior standards for students, strengthen the safety inspection and supervision of student activity areas in schools, prohibit students from bringing knives into the school, stop bullying incidents, prevent students from disciplinary violations, and monitor the behavior of visitors entering the teaching area. Ensure safe and civilized behavior while at school.
2 Strengthen the management of students' collective activities, implement the leave system, and guide students to carry out safety precautions such as cultural and sports activities and labor practices in accordance with relevant regulations. Formulate safety precaution plans for large-scale events and assemblies, make detailed arrangements, organize well, clear division of labor, accountability to people, and prevent all types of accidents.
3 Regularly check the hidden dangers of students in the school, focus on checking the carry-on items, collect flammable, explosive, knives and other dangerous items among the students, and actively eliminate all unsafe factors.
4 . Strengthen the education of students on transportation, diet, disease, fire prevention, drowning prevention, hydropower, earthquake protection, drugs and other evacuation drills, implement legal education and psychological education for students, and conduct students through various forms such as theme class meetings and grade meetings. Education, regularly organize legal education courses, improve students' awareness of legal discipline, psychology, and safety precautions; help students solve difficulties and make them grow up healthily.
5 . Regularly inspect fire protection facilities, eliminate hidden dangers, formulate rectification measures, improve fire prevention plans, and train staff and students in the proper use of fire protection facilities.
6. Cooperate with the General Affairs Office to do a good job in the management of teachers and students in the prevention and treatment of diseases and school health, to prevent the spread of various infectious diseases in schools.
7. Strengthen the management of student activities and sports team training to be scientific and reasonable to ensure the safety of students.
8. Responsible for the coordination and management of the environment around the campus. Cooperate with the public security, urban management, transportation, health, culture, city supervision and other departments to strengthen the comprehensive management of the environment around the school and improve the school's public security situation.
9. Strengthen the safety education for students during assembly, exercise, cleaning, and concentrated stair climbing, especially during class exercises, strengthen command and guidance.
10. Responsible for letters and visits.
11. Do a good job of the management of the prevention and treatment of teachers and students and school health, and prevent the spread of various infectious diseases in schools.
12. Responsible for the management of safety work archives and preparation of safety welcome documents in all departments.
(2) General Affairs Office (responsible person: Cai Huihua , Deng Guijun, Luo Jie, and Zhou Xiaoli )
   Responsible for the management of food hygiene safety, infrastructure safety, electricity safety, fire safety, food hygiene safety of the canteen canteen, and the safety of logistic workers. The details are as follows:
1 . Do a good job of food hygiene and safety in the cafeteria canteen. We strictly control the purchase, storage, production, and sale of food to prevent "three-nothing" products and ensure the health of teachers and students. The staff of the canteens in the canteen should conduct regular physical examinations in accordance with regulations, strictly implement a sanitary system, ensure good personal and environmental hygiene, and prevent the occurrence of food poisoning accidents between teachers and students.
2. Do a good job in the supervision of infrastructure projects to ensure the quality, progress and safety of construction.
3. Further standardize the layout of power lines, equipment and distribution room settings, and regularly inspect facilities such as switches, lamps, and fans to ensure safe power consumption.
4. Do a good job of inspection and maintenance of various public facilities of the school, such as doors and windows, glass, tables and stools, blackboards, electric lights, fans, beds, fences, guardrails, school buildings, etc., to be both beautiful and safe.
5. Do safety education and safety training for logistic workers.
(3) Academic Affairs Office (Responsible person: Wang Dongmei Tian Yaojuan )
Responsible for supervising the safety management of laboratories, instrument rooms, classrooms, libraries, multimedia rooms, computer rooms, etc. and various safety tasks in the teaching process. The details are as follows:
1 . Strengthen the safety management of the above-mentioned places, regularly check all potential safety hazards, and formulate rectification measures.
2 Standardize the safety protection facilities of laboratories and instrument rooms, and store flammable, explosive, radioactive, highly toxic and other dangerous goods separately in accordance with relevant regulations of public security, fire protection, and sanitation, and strictly manage them.
3 Strengthen the management of audio, physical and aesthetic teaching, strictly follow the rules of teaching, improve the inspection and maintenance system of sports facilities and equipment, and avoid safety accidents caused by damage or improper use of teaching equipment. Strengthen the protection of personal safety of teachers and students in the teaching process to avoid safety accidents.
4 . Formulate safety emergency plans and implementation rules for education and teaching activities to ensure the personal safety of teachers and students. Check the safety of the teaching place and related equipment in a timely manner. Do a good job of safety education for teachers.
5 . Strengthen the routine management of all aspects of education and teaching, and establish and improve the safety protection system for teaching and in-class activities.
6 . Library security management. main duty:
( 1 ) Fire prevention. Books, reading rooms, and other books and magazines are strictly prohibited from smoking, open flames, and flammables. When the computer equipment is off work, it is necessary to cut off the power. Those with inconsistent fire protection equipment should apply to the Political Work Office and learn how to use them. They should be checked frequently, and any problems found should be reported for repair or replacement in time.
( 2 ) Waterproof. Paper documents such as books, periodicals, and newspapers should not be placed directly on the ground. If necessary, pad them with wooden boards to prevent them from being soaked in water. If leaks are found in the heating system, the toilet is leaking, or the floor is permeable, etc., it must be repaired in time.
( 3 ) Anti-theft. Books and periodicals, reading rooms, and other books and periodicals are heavy. Pay attention to the safety of doors and windows. If you find that the windows are broken or locked, report them in time. The doors and windows must be closed after work, and the keys must be kept by someone.
( IV ) Information Center
  Responsible for the management and maintenance of computer rooms, multimedia classrooms, class-to-class communication , safety management work and various safety work in the teaching process and safety education for teachers. The details are as follows:
1 . Strengthen the safety management of computer rooms, instrument rooms, laboratories, recording and broadcasting rooms, multimedia classrooms and other teaching places, and standardize the settings of circuits and switches.
2 Improve the lightning protection and lightning protection facilities in teaching places with audio-visual equipment.
3 The safety of students taking microcomputer classes.
(5) Young Pioneers (person in charge: Bai Xiangli )
Strengthen ideological and moral education and training and guidance of student cadres and young pioneers, and cultivate the awareness of safety responsibilities of student cadres and young pioneers.
Use radio stations, young pioneers and other platforms for safety publicity and education, laws and regulations education.
(6) Women's Committee (Responsible person: Luo Jie )
Responsible for the safety management of school female teachers and students. The details are as follows:
1 . Strengthen the safety management of female teaching staff, regularly conduct safety education knowledge training and eugenics inspection for women of childbearing age .
2 Strengthen the safety management of family planning work.
3 Promote girls 'safety knowledge by holding girls' meetings.
(7) School Office (Responsible person: Wang Yongming )
Do a good job of communicating documents and spirits of higher-level departments and schools; assist the principal in coordinating the work; implement the security management of documents and archives in the department. The details are as follows:
1 . Do a good job of receiving and entertaining visitors, and timely communicate the deployment and spirit of the superior department or the leader to the safety work leadership group, assist the safety department in organizing a safety work meeting, and help us meet the safety work inspection.
2 Do a good job of fire prevention, theft prevention and confidentiality in the archives room.
3. In accordance with relevant safety laws and regulations, establish and improve school safety rules and regulations, and check and supervise the implementation of various safety management systems.
4. Strengthen network monitoring and timely deal with network information that damages the school's image.
(Eight) grades and grade groups
1. Grade groups work under the direct leadership of the Political Office.
2. Be responsible for the education and teaching management of this grade.
3. According to the school's semester moral education work plan and the requirements of the ideological education series for each grade, assist the class teacher to do all kinds of work, and under the guidance of the Political Office, do a good job of evaluating the class teacher.
4. Handle violations and accidents of this grade in a timely manner. In case of serious violations of discipline and major accidents, report to the school and relevant departments in a timely manner, investigate the situation, and coordinate handling.
5. Responsible for attendance at this grade group, make attendance records and daily work arrangements for teachers in this group, including temporary deployment of personnel and school work; coordinate work and interpersonal relationships within the group, and relations between this grade group and other school departments; responsible Develop a duty system, arrange staff on duty, and build and maintain a good team room environment.
6. Attach importance to the safety education of teachers and students in this grade, and understand the thinking trends of teachers and students in this grade.
(9) Head teacher
1. In accordance with the principle of "who is in charge and who is responsible", each class teacher shall regularly conduct safety education and discipline education for students. Educate students to be civilized during class activities, to prevent bullying on campus during class, not to climb walls, not to play dangerous games, not to go out of school doors, not to live out, not to play in dangerous rooms or building bases, and to go up and down the stairs slowly.
2. Students raise flags, rallies, class exercises, cleaning, extracurricular activities, other large off-campus activities, etc. The class teacher must be present to maintain order, and the number of people must be checked when they go out.
3. The teacher in charge of class can't corporal punishment, disguise in disguise, scold and drive the students away, and must do patient and careful ideological work for the students.
4 . Pay attention to student behavior. When students have abnormal behaviors, they should make timely inquiries, home visits, and education. Especially for students who fail to arrive on time, they should contact their parents in a timely manner, and report to the grade group and the Political Office at the same time to prevent accidents.
5 . During summer and winter vacations, holidays, and weekends, the class teacher must not allow students to come to school or organize student outing activities without the school's consent.
6 . After school, if the class teacher stays in the student, he must be present. It is strictly forbidden for the teacher to leave the school and the student to stay in the school.
7. Schools are released on time according to the school's prescribed time. Students cannot be left in the office or classroom without permission. Individual students who need guidance must leave the school before 5:30 pm .
8 . After a student enters school, the teacher shall not allow the student to go home to take homework and supplies, and the student shall not be allowed to go out to buy things during the class.
9 . While a student is studying at school, the class teacher must not allow strangers to take students out of school. If a student needs to leave the school for medical treatment due to illness, the student must write a leave note, and the head teacher will sign the agreement and the parents can come to pick it up before leaving the school.
10 . Strengthen the contact with parents, and always contact parents regularly, find out problems and communicate with parents in a timely manner, solve problems in a timely manner, and educate students together.
11 . The head teacher should arrange the class students on duty to ensure that students are on duty every day of the day, and at the same time strengthen the education and management of the students on duty.
12 . In the event of a safety accident, the head teacher must be present as soon as possible, deal with the problem promptly , and report to the relevant leaders in a timely manner .
(Ten) Subject teachers
1 . Assist the class teacher in the safety protection and management of the class.
2 Check the number of students before and after class. If there are any missing students, immediately report to the class teacher and help find out where they are going. Observe students' movements during the lesson, find abnormal situations, and deal with them in time.
3 Criticize students' attention, pay attention to psychological counseling, and prevent adverse consequences.
4 . No corporal punishment or disguise in disguise. If students are found to be in violation of discipline, they should be stopped and educated in a timely manner.
5 . Responsible for maintaining the safety of students during the class and the safety of students going up and down the stairs after class. Do not advance or delay the class without permission. In case of special circumstances, ask the relevant leaders.
6 . If students are found to be in danger or violated, they should take the initiative to help and protect them.
7 . Find potential safety hazards, remove them in a timely manner and report to the class teacher or on-duty leader.
8 . Schools will be held accountable for those who violate campus safety regulations or cause accidents due to liability accidents.   
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