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Introduction to Ningyuan Experimental Primary School (2019.10)

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Ningyuan Experimental Primary School was founded in September 1999. The school is located at the intersection of Chengshui City Road and Lingjiang Road in Ningyuan County. The school covers an area of nearly 100 acres and a green area of nearly 30 acres. Ju Yin Shan Zhong Ling, showing Ling Jiang Yuxiu.
The school has nearly 4,000 students. The school has a strong faculty and has a team of nearly 200 dedicated and rigorous teachers, all of whom have a college degree or above, of which 60% are undergraduates. There are 11 senior teachers and 89 first-level teachers. There are nearly 30 provincial, city and county-level subject leaders, backbone teachers and outstanding teachers.
The school has a reasonable layout, with teaching areas, sports areas, and living areas, with clear levels and a beautiful school environment, forming a garden-like pattern of "spring with flowers, summer with overcast, autumn with fruit, and winter with green".
Since its establishment, the school has established schools based on quality, promoted research and development, and strengthened scientific research. The quality of education and teaching has always been among the top in the county, and the evaluation of school running levels has consistently ranked at the top of the county. It has won more than 20 national, provincial, municipal and county-level listed titles such as "National Popular Science Education Demonstration School", "Hunan Civilized Health Unit" and "Yongzhou Green Beautiful Campus".
The school's artistic sports education stands out in the county, participates in various sports and literary competitions, and has won national, provincial, city, county special (first) awards and more than 90 gold awards.
The school's education and scientific research has been fruitful. Participated in a number of provincial scientific research projects, all of which successfully completed the questions, all obtained the "excellent" level.
At present, all the teachers and students of the experimental elementary school are taking firm steps, not forgetting their original intentions, keeping in mind their missions, scorching the wind and rain, striving forward, and marching towards the goal of Yongzhou famous schools.
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