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Party branch of the school organizes a life education meeting on the theme of “Don't forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind”

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On December 19, the Party branch of the Experimental Primary School in Ningyuan County held a special educational conference on the theme of "Don't forget your original heart and keep in mind the mission" in the Party Member Activity Room. The meeting invited the county education bureau party committee member, deputy director Deng Wenqing and deputy director of the fourth supervisory responsibility zone Jiang Mingli to come to guide. The meeting was presided over by Ou Yanneng, the secretary of the Party branch. The principal Ouyang Zhigui, all party members of the branch, and some representatives of the masses attended the meeting.

The school's Party branch attaches great importance to this theme education activity, conducts research in advance, makes careful arrangements, and carefully deploys it. On the basis of solid theoretical study, each branch committee solicited the opinions and suggestions of party members extensively, adhered to the problem orientation, thought deeply with the problems, talked with sincerity, carefully combed the problems, and conducted in-depth analysis based on the problems. Strictly required and high-quality convening of this theme education special event preparations.

At the meeting, Comrade Ou Yanneng made a review report on behalf of the school branch, and took the lead in conducting personal problem review and analysis. Then the comrades and party members comrades in accordance with the general requirements of "observing the original heart, shouldering missions, finding gaps, and implementing", with a spirit of being highly responsible for others and for themselves, and an attitude of absolute loyalty to the party, combined with their own actual investigation Put yourself in the problem, put your work in, put the problem in, deeply analyze yourself, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, and the meeting room showed red-faced sweating "spicy", dare to speak the truth "convince people", detoxification The atmosphere of "saving people" for healing.

Later, Deng Wenqing, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the county education bureau, commented on the meeting and made three suggestions to all comrades. I hope all comrades will seriously study and deeply understand the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and implement the Leadership The fundamental task of people is not to hide or avoid the problems existing in their work, to persist in rectifying existing problems, not to let go of weaknesses, to make up for shortcomings, to always adhere to the true nature of the Communists, and to always maintain "do not forget the original intention and remember the mission" To give full play to the pioneer and exemplary role of Communist Party members at all times, to effectively and effectively advance the various tasks of the school, to promote the new development of school education and teaching, and to highlight the theme education with tangible actions to achieve tangible results.

At the meeting, Pan Limin, deputy secretary of the branch, organized a democratic evaluation. Through the evaluation of ideological and political awareness, service to teachers and students, work style, professionalism, and morality, 9 party members were rated as excellent. Sixteen party members were rated as good, and three party members were rated as qualified. Comrades have no objection to the results of the review.

In the end, Secretary Ou Yanneng commented on the democratic evaluation meeting of the organization and living conference, stressing and demanding that whether it is to study and educate, review problems, implement rectification, and fill in shortcomings, it is necessary to normalize, institutionalize, and standardize and strengthen party members. Education, give full play to the role of party building in leading the radiation, and make each party member a benchmark for promoting the high-quality development of school education and teaching.

(Contributed by Wang Yongming, Zou Yousheng, and Deng Guijun)

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