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Parent Evaluation System

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I. Meaning of Parents' Evaluation of Teaching
Parents 'evaluation of teaching is one of the measures of school teaching management. It is an important means to improve the management of the teaching process, standardize teachers' teaching behaviors, collect teaching feedback, and urge teachers to improve their professional quality and thus the quality of teaching.
Second, the object of parent evaluation
The main targets for parents to evaluate teaching are teachers and schools.
Third, the content of parent evaluation
1. Teachers' moral standards (caring for all students, not corporal punishment in disguise in disguised form, civilized behavior, demonstration by example).
2. Code of conduct. (Do not be late and leave early, do not answer mobile phones during class, do not sit and lecture, and do not let go of sheep).
3. Correct teaching style. (Friendly teaching style, standard terminology, attention to the whole, standardized writing, democratic teaching, teaching methods can be accepted by students, and classroom teaching is time-sensitive).
4. Carefully change the assistant (the operation is arranged, inspected, reviewed, feedback is timely, and the rate of comment is high).
5. Adhere to home visits (concerned about the development of students' mental health, and no less than two home or televised visits to students in this class each semester).
Fourth, the method of parent evaluation
1. The form of teaching evaluation is the combination of regular teaching evaluation and irregular teaching evaluation.
2. The method of evaluating teachers is mainly to organize parental questionnaires or discussions.
3. The evaluation time is the fifteenth week of the first half of each academic year.
V. Results of Parents' Evaluation of Teaching
The results of parent evaluation will be included in the end-of-year and end-of-year assessments, and will be directly linked to the evaluation of teachers' teaching work. The school receives a report call or report letter, and the school that has verified it will handle it.
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