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Implementation plan of Ningyuan Experimental Primary School to further strengthen the construction of teachers' morality and style

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To fully implement the Ministry of Education's Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving Teachers' Morality "And the" Code of Professional Ethics for Primary and Middle School Teachers ", and strive to improve the ideological and political quality and professional ethics of teachers throughout the school.

I. Guiding ideology and overall goals

Guided by the scientific outlook on development, and taking the "Four Points of Hope (Dedicated to the Job, Caring for Students, Studying Hard, Studying Rigorously, Being Innovative, Enterprising, Indifferent to Fame and Fortune, Keeping High-minded, and Ambitioned) as suggested by General Secretary Hu Jintao's guidance to teachers, Focusing on "dedicating work, loving students, teaching and educating people" as the core, improving teachers' ideological and political quality and professional ethics, focusing on solving outstanding problems in teacher morality and morality in the current teaching team as a breakthrough, in-depth development of teacher morality and morality , Comprehensively rectify behaviors that violate teachers' moral standards, strengthen teaching and educating people, rely on self-reliance, create a sense of responsibility and mission to strive for excellence, strive to create a noble character, dedicated work, superb business, a good example, a people satisfied Teachers.

Second, the main task

(1) Persisting in arming the mind with advanced theories to seek breakthroughs in improving teachers' ideological and political quality. Guide the majority of teachers to seriously study Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the "Three Represents," study the spirit of Hu Jintao's speech at the National Excellent Teachers' Symposium, implement the scientific outlook on development, and firmly establish the correct outlook on education, quality, and life. Values influence and lead students with excellent ideological and political qualities.

(2) Guide teachers to firmly establish the correct teachers' professional ideals, focus on teaching and educating people, and make breakthroughs in improving the quality of education and teaching. Enhance teachers' sense of professional glory, historical mission and social responsibility. It is their duty to cultivate outstanding talents, develop advanced culture, and promote social progress. They have lofty aspirations, love their posts and devote themselves, and consciously perform the sacred duties of teaching and educating people.

(3) Effectively improve the professional ethics of teachers, enhance service awareness, and make breakthroughs in serving society, serving parents, and serving students. Vigorously promote Yang's hard work, selfless dedication, and pragmatic spirit, further enhance the sense of responsibility of teachers, love education, love schools, love students, fulfill their duties, self-study to resist the influence of bad social ethics, teach honestly, and teach according to law.

(4) Comprehensively standardize teaching and educating behaviors, and make breakthroughs in promoting the all-round development of students and the various tasks of the school. Teachers' noble morals, standardized words and deeds are important sources for students to imitate and receive probation directly. It is necessary for teachers to fully implement the Party's education policy, rigorous academic study, exemplary teaching, and meticulous education. Implement quality education, promote the all-round development of students, and promote the advancement and excellence of all work in the school.

(5) Efforts should be made to solve outstanding problems in teacher ethics and make breakthroughs in establishing a good image of teachers. Through learning and education activities, we strive to solve the prominent social reflections existing in the school teachers and the dissatisfaction of the people, which is a violation of the professional ethics of teachers. We will conscientiously implement the new era of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and forge ahead" and fully standardize the spirit of teachers in the new era. The teaching behavior of the majority of teachers strives to make new breakthroughs in establishing a good image of teachers.

Working Principles

(1) The principle of integrating theory with practice. Adhere to arming the mind with scientific theories, guiding practice and promoting work, closely integrating the construction of teachers' morality and promotion of school education, not covering up ugliness, not protecting shortcomings, not engaging in formalism, and not making superficial articles, and truly implement activities and Promote work "two grasps, two correct, two promotion."

(2) The principle of positive education. Guide faculty members to actively find and correct their own problems, listen to opinions from various parties with an open mind, carry out criticism and self-criticism seriously, and strengthen the consciousness of self-education, self-improvement, and self-improvement of faculty members. Many trees are advanced and typical, do not engage in sports.

(3) Carry forward democratic principles. Faculty and staff are the main body of the construction of teachers' morality and morality, and fully promoting democracy is the main prerequisite for the construction of morality and morality. It is necessary to respect the democratic rights of faculty members and fully mobilize the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of faculty members to participate in activities.

(IV) Leadership principles. School leaders must participate in the construction of teachers' morality and morality as ordinary teachers, take the lead in learning, take the lead in learning notes, take the lead in writing experiences, take the lead in finding problems, take the lead in rectification, and continuously strengthen Cultivation of teacher ethics, take the lead in setting an example, and give full play to the role of leader, in order to enhance the appeal and influence of the construction of teacher ethics.

(5) The principle of focusing on effectiveness. In the construction of teacher ethics and morals, we must highlight the key points, effectively solve the outstanding problems existing in the teaching team, and strive to be efficient and satisfy the people.

Fourth, work steps and priorities:

The event starts in September and ends in December . In 5 stages

The first stage: the envoy launch phase ( 9.1 —— 9.15 ). The main tasks are: formulating a plan, establishing an organization, and convening a mobilization meeting for the construction of the school's teacher morality.

The second stage: the learning and education stage ( 9.15-9.30 ) The main work points are:

1. According to the actual situation of the school, formulate the study plan in stages.

2. Organize faculty and staff to study education policies and regulations in depth and learn advanced models, so that teachers can feel education and inspiration from the depth of their minds, and constantly improve teachers' ability to follow the law and teach in a civilized manner. Strengthen the study of the theory of quality education, and help teachers establish a correct outlook on education, teachers, quality and talent.

3. Organize the selection of model teachers and outstanding teachers, publicize their outstanding deeds, drive people with typical power, guide people with advanced power, inspire people with the power of role models, maximize the role of their pioneering role models, and enable teachers to learn Have a role model and a goal.

4. Organize discussions, exchange ideas, write and learn less than 10,000 words, help teachers to truly realize the importance and necessity of teaching according to law and teaching others, further change the concept of education, and actively create democracy, equality, and harmony Faithful teacher-student relationship.

The third stage: the self-blame and self-correction phase ( 10.1 —— 10.15 ), the main task is: through teacher moral discussion and self-blame self-correction, find out that there are problems that contradict teachers' morality, analyze the current situation, and find main reason.

Each teacher must reflect on his teaching experience from the perspective of thoughts and behaviors, and carefully carry out the activities of "Ten Checks and Ten Looks" in accordance with the "Code of Professional Ethics for Primary and Middle School Teachers" and this plan, ① check ideals and beliefs, and see if they are loyal to the Party's education Career, whether it is based on individual gains and losses, regardless of the overall situation; ② Check to teach in accordance with the law to see if there is any behavior that violates party and state guidelines, policies, and dissemination of ideas and speeches that harm students ’physical and mental health; Whether you love school, do your due diligence, whether there are behaviors such as going to work, chatting on the Internet, drinking lessons, smoking in class, and answering mobile phones in class; ④ Check whether you love students, whether you care about each student, care about each student, whether there is any Corporal punishment, corporal punishment in disguise, abusive and discriminatory, accusations, behaviors of reprimanding students, whether to ignore the students' wrong speech and bad behavior, and to put the task of teaching and education behind the lack of teacher morality; ⑤ check rigorously Learn, see if you are diligent, study the business hard, whether there is perfunctory blame, sloppy teaching, not preparing lessons, not correcting homework, etc. ⑥ Check for unity and cooperation to see whether they respect comrades and learn from each other; ⑦ Check for respect for parents, see whether to actively contact parents and listen to opinions, and whether there is any behavior that leads parents to discriminate, blame, or reprimand their parents; Selfless dedication, honesty and self-discipline, are there any perfunctory issues in the classroom, there is a problem with the family tutor who "opens a little fry" after class, whether there is any promotion of teaching materials to the students, acceptance or demand of the students and parents' property, etc. to teach for personal gain; Be a model for others to see if they observe social morality, professional ethics, whether they are in conflict with each other, post indiscriminately on the Internet, insult others, and other ethics that harm the reputation of the school, and participate in gambling and other illegal activities; check service awareness to see if Serving students with enthusiasm. To serve parents, all teachers should check the existing problems in accordance with the "Ten Checks and Ten Looks", analyze the root of thoughts, clarify the direction of future efforts, and write good self-analysis materials of personal ethics.

The fourth stage: rectification and improvement stage ( 10.16 —— 11.30 ) The main tasks are:

1. Formulate and improve rules and regulations

2 Implement rectification measures. Widely solicit opinions, hold various forms of symposiums, seek answers to existing problems, seek rectification and cracking methods, carefully formulate rectification plans, highlight rectification priorities, implement rectification measures and time limits, establish rectification consumption systems, implement rectification responsibility systems, accept Mass supervision and comment.

3. Sign a letter of responsibility for ethics and style

This work requires: meticulous investigation and correction, profound rectification, learning while investigating, and investigating while reforming. Always organically combine learning and education with investigations and problems, unite knowledge and action, and consolidate results.

The fifth stage: summary and commendation stage ( 12.1 —— 12.30 )

Summarize the work experience carefully, vigorously publicize the typical morality of the teacher, report the progress of the event at any time, hold a commendation conference, a report on advanced deeds, and promote the event to further develop in depth.

V. Main measures

(1) Effectively strengthen the organizational leadership of teacher morality and style. The school set up a leading group for the construction of teachers 'morality and style, which is responsible for the leadership, organization, coordination, inspection and evaluation of the building of teachers' morality and style. There is an office under the leading group, with Comrade Li Huiping acting as the director of the office.

(II) Establishing a long-term mechanism for the construction of teachers' morality and style

The first is to establish and improve the assessment and evaluation mechanism for teachers' morality and style.

The second is to establish and improve and strictly implement the reward and punishment mechanism.

Third, we must establish a system of supervision, inspection, and punishment for teachers' morality and style.

(3) Strengthen supervision, inspection and evaluation.

(4) Strictly implement the responsibility system and accountability system for the construction of teachers' morality and style. Implement strict accountability, increase accountability, achieve strict supervision and inspection, criticize strict education and strict accountability. Weak work, inadequate rectification, untimely handling, mass feedback, and greater opinions will be dealt with seriously once verified.

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