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Curriculum Reform Work System of Ningyuan Experimental Primary School

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、课改领导小组人员带头学习课程改革资料,做到心中有数,改 革有方,动脑、动口、又动手。 1. The staff of the curriculum reform leadership team took the lead in learning the curriculum reform materials, so that they have a good idea and reform , and use their brains, mouths and hands.

2. The grade group conducts a seminar on class reform once a week, sums it up in a timely manner, and improves its methods.

全体教师认真学习,积极参加培训,在各学科中做到主动探究,不等不靠,在实践中探索、积累经验。 3. All teachers study seriously, actively participate in training, and actively explore in various disciplines, wait for it, and explore and accumulate experience in practice.

1 2 节课改实践研究课。 4. Regular exchanges of curriculum reform and practice classes are held. As teachers of the curriculum reform courses in the experimental reform classes, each semester takes 1-2 sessions of curriculum reform practice research classes. 1 节课改实践研究课。 Non-curriculum reform grades, non-curriculum reform subjects for a semester of not less than one course of practical reform.

5. Summarize experiences one class at a time, sum up experiences in time to communicate, and actively write papers or experimental reports. 1 篇质量较好的课改论文或经验总结。 Each person should write at least one better-quality thesis or experience summary in each issue .

6. The school rewards teachers who are proactive and well-researched in the practice of curriculum reform.

7. Teachers of various subjects should strengthen cooperation and timely communication, and achieve tacit cooperation in terms of class hours, content, places, equipment, materials and so on.

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