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School-based Teaching-Research Exchange System of New Curriculum Reform in Ningyuan Experimental Primary School

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I. System of daily subject teaching and research exchange activities

1. Develop leading teacher guidance and group-by-group activities for teachers to show their strengths, help each other and learn from each other, complement each other's advantages, and promote the growth of young teachers as soon as possible, and then achieve common improvement.

2. Extensive lecture, listening and appraisal activities among teachers. Teachers of the same subject should listen to each other more than 15 times each semester , and teachers of different subjects should listen to each other no less than 5 times. After listening to the class, you must evaluate the class collectively, not only to evaluate the advantages, but also to point out deficiencies and suggestions for future improvements.

3. Teaching reflection system. Adopt the methods of "day reflection, weekly communication, monthly summary, and final display evaluation" to allow teachers to reflect on each lesson, each activity, and each study, and record the results of reflection at any time to provide examples for future teaching research.

Second, the entire school teaching and research experience summary exchange system

1. Evaluation system of outstanding education cases. Teachers should provide a creative typical case every semester to communicate in the teaching and research group, share the results, and improve together.

2. Accumulation system of teaching problems. Teachers can keep a record of their own teaching process, the sparks or flashes of students' thinking in classroom teaching, and problems that are confused by research value, and regularly display them through the campus network or other means; and use the time of the teaching and research group activities to discuss and solve collectively . If there is any major confusion or difficult problem that cannot be solved, then regularly invite relevant experts to lead.

3. School-based teaching and research special issue and "parents open, reception day" system

Actively seek support and guidance from educational administrations, developers of experimental materials, and social media. Through the establishment of teaching and research forums, compilation of special teaching and research special issues, school newspapers, parent conferences, parent schools, and classroom teaching open days, all sectors of society and parents are required to understand, support and support the establishment of a school-based teaching and research system.

4. External exchange and interactive learning system

Each teaching and research group shall organize teachers and foreign school teachers to communicate at an appropriate time, and establish a communication and learning mechanism to enhance exchanges, contacts and communication with foreign schools. It is necessary to promote the experience and practices of the school and its unique teaching style through communication channels; it is also necessary to learn the new information and advanced education ideas of expert teachers and the good experience of foreign schools to improve their own shortcomings. .

V. School-based teaching and research reward system

1. Conduct excellent teaching and research groups and lesson preparation evaluations each semester.

2. For teachers who take an active part in teaching and research activities, provide more opportunities for study and training outside, and reward learning and training as benefits.

3. Linked to the relevant provisions of the reward and punishment rules, while giving spiritual rewards, certain material rewards are given.

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