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Contents and methods of computer specialty students in Ningyuan Primary School

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I. Test content (I) Basic computer knowledge (20%)
1. A brief history, characteristics, applications, hardware systems, and software systems of computer development.
2. Information in the computer (counting system, conversion between number systems, ASCII character encoding, Chinese character encoding, instruction, computer voice and program).
3. Characteristics, general symptoms and prevention of computer viruses.
4. Chinese character input method.
(2) Operating system (20%)
1. Windows desktop, window operation, menu operation, dialog box operation, installation and removal of applications.
2. Windows Explorer.
3. Use of Windows accessories.
(3) Word processing system-word (10%)
1, the composition of the Chinese word main window.
2, document editing: select, delete text, restore, move text, restore and restore, copy text, find and replace.
3, the layout of the document: the settings of the page, the layout of the character format, the layout of the paragraph format, borders and shading, bullets and numbering, set headers and footers.
4. Insert and edit forms.
5. Insert graphics and drawings.
(IV) Electronic Form Exce (l0%)
1, the composition of the Chinese Excel main window.
2. Edit and format worksheets.
3. Use of formulas and functions.
4. Charts.
5. Data management.
(V) PowerPoint (10%)
1. Create a presentation.
2. Editing of slides.
3. The process of creating slides.
4. Insert other objects.
5. Design slide shows.
6. Output a presentation.
(6) Internet and its applications (30%)
1. Overview of computer networks.
2. Internet concepts and applications.
3. Basic conditions for connecting to the Internet, software and hardware installation, creating a dial-up network connection, and dialing into the Internet.
4. Browser usage.
5. Email application, sending and receiving.
Second, testing and scoring methods 1. The written test and the computer operation account for 50% each.
2. Determine the number of operators on the machine according to 50% of the written test results.

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