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Relevant systems for publicizing school affairs in Ningyuan Experimental Primary School

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Regulations for setting up public affairs
The setting of the school affairs public column: a fixed school affairs public column should be set in a prominent place in the school, and the school affairs public column should have a sufficiently large layout to be eye-catching, generous, and timely change the content.
Promote open school affairs system
(I) Procedures for Opening School Affairs
In order to ensure the seriousness, openness, publicity, and standardization of school affairs, to avoid casual handling, to be formal, and to formulate public procedures.
、校务公开的一般程序: 1. General procedures for making school affairs public:
Put forward the public content; the study and approval of the school's open leadership team; the school's open supervision team's review; organization and implementation; mass comment; rectification feedback and other processes.
、操作要求: 2. Operation requirements:
1 )、由学校校务公开小组根据上级有关校务公开的规定要求,本校校务公开实施细则和工作计划,按时将每次公开的内容收集、归类、整理,然后提交学校校务公开领导小组确定; ( 1 ) According to the requirements of the superiors regarding the disclosure of school affairs by the school ’s school affairs disclosure group, the school ’s school affairs disclosure implementation rules and work plan shall be collected, classified, and arranged on time, and then submitted to the school ’s disclosure Determined by the leading group;
2 )、学校校务公开领导小组应及时对校务公开小组提出的公开内容进行讨论,通过后再提交校务公开监督小组审核; ( 2 ) The school's open school affairs leading group should discuss the open content proposed by the open school affairs team in time, and then submit it to the open school supervision team for review;
3 )、校务公开监督小组对照校务公开的有关规定,就提交公开的内容、时间、形式、程序等及时进行认真落实; ( 3 ) The school's open supervision team will carefully implement the content, time, form, and procedure of the submission of the public in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant regulations on open school affairs;
4 )、为了落实责任制,经监督小组审定后的公开内容必须经过与公开内容有关的职能处室负责人、监督小组组长和校长签字后,由校务公开办公室予以公开; ( 4 ) In order to implement the accountability system, the public content after the approval of the supervision group must be signed by the head of the functional department, the supervisory group leader, and the principal related to the public content, and then made public by the School Affairs Office;
5 )、每次公开后,校务公开小组、监督小组要及时收集教职工和广大群众的意见和建议。 ( 5 ) After each opening, the school affairs openness group and supervision group should collect opinions and suggestions from the teaching staff and the general public in a timely manner. Solicitation of opinions can be in the form of issuing public opinion cards for school affairs, holding seminars with relevant personnel, individually understanding and using the school's suggestion box collection, and other questions and requirements raised by teachers, staff, and the public. ;
6 )、整改意见及结果要再次公开,并征求群众意见。 ( 6 ) The rectification opinions and results shall be made public again, and the opinions of the masses shall be sought.
、特殊程序要求: 3. Special procedure requirements:
1 )、凡需提交教代会审议、通过或决定的各项议案,要事先发给教代会代表,先让他们了解情况、组织预审,广泛听取教职工意见,经学校领导或有关部门修改完善后,再提交教代会审议通过; ( 1 ) All bills that need to be submitted to the Teachers 'Congress for consideration, adoption, or decision should be sent to the Teachers' Congress representatives in advance so that they can understand the situation, organize pre-examinations, and listen to the opinions of the staff and staff extensively. Then, submit it to the Teachers' Congress for consideration and approval;
2 )、因情况紧急未经过集体研究由领导个人决定实施的特殊事项,事后要将处理情况、结果及时向领导班子通报,选择相应的形式公开。 ( 2 ) Due to the urgent situation, the leadership individual decides to implement special matters that have not been carried out through collective research. After the event, the handling situation and results shall be notified to the leadership team in a timely manner, and the corresponding form shall be selected for disclosure.
Content requirements for open school affairs
(One) First level public project
、公开形式: 1. Public form:
Open the school publicity column in the school publicity window;
Publicly accept multi-party supervision through parent conferences, student assemblies, campus broadcasts, blackboard newspapers, school propaganda materials, open letters, notices, etc.
、公开内容: 2. Public content:
① Charges: Including charge items, standards, detailed account of charges on behalf of charges, use of charge contact card.
② Enrollment: Includes admission policies, admissions plans, admission scores, admission lists, enrollment of new students, transfer procedures, transfer procedures and requirements.
③ Freshmen's placement.
      ④ Assessment methods and results for civilized students and demonstration classes.
⑤ Selection criteria, methods and results for advanced students such as Miyoshi students and outstanding student leaders.
⑥ The measures and results of students' violations of school discipline, school regulations, or cancellation.
(2) Procedures for joining the team, and procedures for transferring organizational members.
情况, society, teachers and students donated to the situation.
(two) Secondary public project.
、公开形式: 1. Public form:
Announced through teachers' meeting, teacher's congress, or documents, and related projects are required to be posted on the wall.
、公开内容: 2. Public content:
职责, various post duties of the school;
各类, school rules and regulations;
(3) Implementation measures for school financial management;
实施 、 Implementation methods of trade union financial management;
(2) Regulations for various types of assessment and awards in schools;
情况 The evaluation of teaching and administrative staff (including the indicators, scope, conditions and results of annual assessment and various advanced evaluations);
推荐 Recommendation of title evaluation (including indicators, conditions, evaluation procedures and results);
情况, financial revenue and expenditure;
情况, canteen expenditure;
福利, the distribution of welfare of teaching staff;
(2) The status of bidding and tendering for infrastructure projects and bulk items;
情况, school real estate rental income;
⒀, housing adjustment, distribution (including the list of applicant households, adjustments, distribution plans and results);
⒁ Administrative expenses.
(three) Third level public project
Open at relevant meetings.
The content includes the contents of school affairs meeting, assessment, assessment group meeting, teachers and students symposium, various polls.
School Affairs Open Information Feedback System
In order to communicate with each other, learn from each other's strengths, promote advanced experience, explore the best ways, promote the healthy, lasting, and in-depth development of open school affairs, and develop a system of open school affairs information feedback.
、校务公开领导小组、监督小组都要把信息反馈工作摆上重要议程,明确职责,狠抓落实。 1. The school management open leadership team and supervision team must put information feedback on the important agenda, clarify their responsibilities, and pay close attention to implementation. At the same time, we must mobilize and guide all faculty and staff to actively participate, contribute to the healthy advancement of open school affairs, and continue to improve the level of openness of school affairs to make suggestions and discuss together.
、信息内容包括:工作进展、创新做法、典型材料、先进人物、意见建议、体会心得、制度建设、监督体系、课题研究、问题探讨、活动拾萃、其它内容。 2. Information content includes: work progress, innovative practices, typical materials, advanced figures, opinions and suggestions, experience, system construction, supervision system, project research, problem discussion, activity pick-up, and other content.
、学校要会每个月提供信息不少于一条。 3. The school shall provide no less than one piece of information each month.
、信息长短不限,体裁不拘。 4. The length of information is unlimited and the genre is not limited. Information should be quality and tangible.
School affairs open file management system
In order to standardize archives management, better summarize experiences, improve school affairs disclosure work, and develop archives management system.
、校务公开的档案管理规范,便于检查使用。 1. The open file management specifications of school affairs are convenient for inspection and use.
、档案资料应分类立卷,主要包括: 2. Archives should be classified into volumes, which mainly include:
1 )、学校校务公开资料汇编; ( 1 ) Compilation of public information on school affairs;
2 )、工会教代会资料汇编; ( 2 ) Compilation of materials of the Trade Union Teachers' Congress;
3 )、校务公开领导小组、监督小组研究校务公开及公开内容记录卷; ( 3 ) The open school affairs leading group and the supervising group study the open school affairs and public content records;
4 )、其它资料。 ( 4 ) Other information.
、要重视校务公开档案管理工作,确保档案资料的系统性、原始性和规范性。 3. Attaching importance to the management of open archives of school affairs to ensure the systematicity, originality, and standardization of archives.
、档案资料由校务公开小组负责管理。 4. The archives are managed by the open school affairs team.
Responsibilities of Leading Institutions and Work Departments
In order to make the school affairs public work work normally, clarify the functions, implement the responsibilities, and achieve the purpose of timely and real disclosure, the work responsibilities are formulated as follows:
、校务公开领导小组职责: 1. Responsibilities of the open school affairs leadership group:
The leading group is composed of party, government, labor, regiment, and teacher representatives. The principal is the leader and the chairman of the union is the deputy leader. Its duties are:
1 )、学习党和国家的有关方针政策、教育法律、法规,党风廉政建设的各项规定以及校务公开工作的具体规定,提高依法治教、依法治校意识,严格依法行政; ( 1 ) Study the relevant policies of the Party and the state, education laws and regulations, various provisions of the construction of party style and clean government, and specific regulations on open school affairs, improve the awareness of governing education by law, governing schools by law, and administering strictly according to law;
2 )、全面负责学校校务公开工作,制定实施计划,组织指导有关部门落实校务公开制度,定期检查、总结校务公开的执行、监督情况; ( 2 ) Fully responsible for the school affairs disclosure work, formulate implementation plans, organize and guide relevant departments to implement the school affairs disclosure system, and regularly check and summarize the implementation and supervision of the school affairs disclosure;
3 )、认真组织和讨论通过每期校务公开的内容,经校务公开监督小组审定后由校长签字公开; ( 3 ), carefully organize and discuss the contents of each issue of school affairs disclosure, after being reviewed by the school affairs open supervision group, signed by the principal;
4 )、负责制定、落实校务公开后群众对公开内容提出的意见、建议的整改措施,并重新公开; ( 4 ) Responsible for formulating and implementing the rectification measures put forward by the masses on the public content after the school affairs are made public, and make it public again;
5 )、负责对校务公开工作问题的分析、研究、制定解决问题的办法和措施,拓展公开的内容,规范公开的各项规定,定期向县教育局校务公开工作领导小组报告校务公开的工作情况。 ( 5 ) Responsible for the analysis, research, and formulation of methods and measures to solve the problem of public affairs of school affairs, expand the content of disclosure, standardize the various provisions of disclosure, and regularly report school affairs to the county education bureau's school work disclosure leadership team Open work.
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