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Purchasing (quality inspection) health and safety requirements and job responsibilities

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I. Implementing the National Food Hygiene Law, abiding by school regulations, obeying management, and loving the job.
2. Purchasing goods must adhere to the "Four Definitive Purchasing Principles" (determining manufacturers, bases, contracts, and quality) and implement the "Four Definitive Purchasing Insurance Law" (fixing inspection of enterprises (or individual butchers) to purchase meat food; ordering vegetables The base purchases fresh vegetables; the designated credit merchants purchase dry and mixed flavoring food; the designated brand manufacturers purchase rice, noodles, and oil staple foods). It is strictly forbidden to purchase inferior and spoiled goods, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the non-moving inspection and non-green food market.
3. Before declaration, fill in the declaration form according to the Japanese food "recipe" proposed by the cafeteria chef, and then purchase according to the approved plan. And it must be guaranteed that the purchase by species, quantity, quality, and time will be returned to the warehouse for inspection and storage (prohibition of budding potatoes). Purchase invoices should be obtained when purchasing. Product quality inspection (quarantine) certificate of conformity, supplier's health license and other materials, and make purchase records.
4. Master and be familiar with the product name, origin, specifications, shelf life, registration and market information of the purchased materials.
Fifth, the recovered materials must go through quality inspection and scale inspection before being put in storage. It is strictly prohibited to send purchased materials directly to the canteen without quality inspection.
6. The quality inspectors shall carry out quality inspections and inspections on all kinds of goods and various vegetables, meats and food accessories purchased by the purchasers. All the unqualified goods and dishes that are rotten and deteriorated and exceed the shelf life shall be uniform. Refuse to enter the warehouse, conduct regular inspections on all kinds of goods and dishes in the warehouse, and report any signs of deterioration in a timely manner, and handle them in accordance with the prescribed procedures in a timely manner, and make good records of the warehouse.
Seventh, urge all departments to do a good job of environmental hygiene and workplace hygiene, put an end to sanitary dead spots, and carry out regular epidemic prevention and disinfection.
8. Cooperate with food hygiene supervision agencies and school quality inspectors to do a good job of food hygiene safety supervision and inspection, and report any problems to relevant leaders and relevant departments in time to deal with them on-site.
9. Purchasing personnel must settle accounts with the finances every day, so that the accounts, money, and day are cleared. Misappropriation of the public funds of the center is strictly prohibited.
X. Adhere to the system of sample retention for each meal. The safety staff of the team will be responsible for the sampling of the meals. The samples of each dish shall not be less than 100 grams, and stored in the counter for 24 hours for inspection.
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