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Treasury storage hygiene requirements and position duties of warehouse administrators

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I. Implement the National Food Hygiene Law, abide by school regulations, obey school management, and love jobs.
2. Familiar with the name, origin, specifications and performance of each item in the inventory, and know its storage knowledge. Each item of inventory must be clearly marked, and stored in a sorted manner, stacked in an orderly manner, and kept away from the wall (over 10cm).
3. All materials entering the warehouse must be inspected by quality inspectors, accurately weighed (into the warehouse according to real numbers and amounts), and clear all procedures with the purchasers in person. The purchased materials must be filled out one by one, and signed and approved by the purchasing staff and quality inspection (certifier). The materials (materials) to be delivered from the warehouse shall be shipped in accordance with the approved picking list, and the warehouse delivery list shall be filled out item by item. Be sure to ship accurately and on demand.
Fourth, do a good job of cleaning the warehouse, so that there are no spider webs on the wall, no dust on the ground, no mildew, no insects, no rat traces, no cockroaches, no loss, no damage. Do not store toxic and harmful items (such as pesticides, detergents, etc.) and personal daily necessities in the food depot. At the same time do a good job in fire prevention and anti-theft.
V. Periodic clearance and inventory checking, to accurately grasp the inventory situation, should follow the "first in, first out" principle, and keep in touch with the cafeteria and purchasing staff at any time to provide reliable information for the purchase of goods, so that there is no backlog of inventory, no shortage, Out of stock.
6. Accurately fill in the daily report of supplies to ensure that the types, quantities, unit prices, and total amount of incoming and outgoing supplies and inventory supplies are consistent, and fill in the daily supply dynamics table.
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