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Rough processing (cutting) sanitary and safety requirements and job duties of kitchen service personnel

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I. Implementing the National Food Hygiene Law, abiding by school regulations, obeying management, and loving the job.
2. Before processing, carefully check the quality of the food (vegetables) to be processed and find that there are signs of spoilage or other sensory traits and they must not be processed or used.
Third, when processing seasonal vegetables, the yellow-footed leafworm insect dishes should be cleaned out, and all impurities and sediment should be selected. Pay special attention to picking cabbage worms hidden in leaf vegetables and picking up potato sprouts (prohibited sprouting potatoes).
4. All kinds of food raw materials should be washed before use. Animal food and plant food should be cleaned in separate pools; aquatic products should be cleaned in special pools; poultry eggs should be cleaned before use, and disinfected if necessary; potato foods should be soaked while processing.
Fifth, perishable food should be stored at room temperature as short as possible, and it should be used or refrigerated in time after processing.
6. The cut and prepared semi-finished products shall be free from contamination, shall be stored separately from the raw materials, and shall be stored by classification according to their nature.
7. The cut and prepared food should be used within the specified time in accordance with the processing operation regulations.
8. Containers containing food must not be placed directly on the ground to prevent food contamination.
Nine, pay attention to personal hygiene, often manicure, frequent haircuts, work clothes and hats to keep clean, regular health checks, holding a certificate to work.
10. Do a good job of cleaning and sanitation within the scope of each responsibility, and do a good job of environmental sanitation inside and outside the cafeteria under the leadership of the team leader. Clean up after meals, clean up once a week, and clean the ground with water. Effectively prevent insects, flies, pollution, and rodents to prevent accidents.
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