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Chef post duties

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I. Implement the National Food Hygiene Law, abide by school regulations, obey central management, and be dedicated to the job.
2. According to the "recipe" of each meal, guide the chefs to cut vegetables and cook with the chef, scientific side dishes, nutritional matching, reasonable use of auxiliary materials, and ensure that all dishes have a good color, aroma and taste.
3. Before cooking, you should carefully check the dishes (including auxiliary materials and salt) to be cooked. If you find that there is corruption or deterioration, impurities are not cleanly selected, sediments are not cleaned, or other sensory abnormalities are not allowed, cooking processing and use are not allowed.
4. Foods that need to be cooked should be cooked and cooked thoroughly, and the temperature of the food center should be higher than 70 ℃. Pay special attention to the cooked potatoes and seasoned beans. The temperature of the reheated food must not be lower than 70 C. Do not sell the recovered food (including auxiliary materials) after cooking. When cooking, do not use the cooking spoon to taste, and the remaining soup after tasting must not be poured back into the pot.
5. Strict separation of raw and cooked piers, separation of raw and cooked knives, separation of raw and cooked containers, and separation of raw and cooked tables. The cleaned and disinfected utensils should be stored in a special cleaning cabinet for future use. Disposable tableware should not be reused. The processed products should be placed separately from the semi-finished products and raw materials. Freshly-cooked green vegetables cannot be sealed with a lid.
6. Cooked products that need to be refrigerated should be cooled as soon as possible before refrigerating.
7. Continuous innovation and efforts to develop new dishes. It is strictly forbidden to make and sell cold dishes without approval.
8. Properly grasp and link the cooking time and the meal opening time of the dishes without delaying the teachers and students to start the meal on time.
Nine, correctly measure the number of meals and master the number of dishes cooked, pre-storage of spare dishes, to ensure that each meal students can eat meals.
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