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Boiler job responsibilities

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I. Conscientiously implement the state's relevant regulations on the use of boilers, strictly abide by the relevant rules and regulations of the boiler room, and ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
2. I love my job, enhance my sense of responsibility, work hard to learn political and business knowledge, and continuously improve the level of operation.
3. Observe the "Operation Regulations", strictly manage and use the boilers in accordance with the "Operation Regulations"; do a good job in equipment maintenance, clean the boilers and pipes at any time, indoor and environmental sanitation, and regularly descale the boilers.
4. Observe labor discipline, adhere to work positions, obey schedules, obey orders, and do nothing unrelated to the position.
V. Overpressure operation of the steam pressure boiler is strictly prohibited, and normal pressure hot water boiler is strictly prohibited to operate under pressure. When the boiler is operating, if any abnormal situation is found to jeopardize safety, emergency measures shall be taken to deal with it, and the responsible person in charge shall be reported immediately.
6. Any illegal command that endangers the safe operation of the boiler shall be refused.
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