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Implementation plan of Ningyuan Experimental Primary School to create a green campus

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In order to fully implement the spirit of the relevant documents of the County Education Bureau on creating a green campus, build a green civilized campus, effectively improve the modern civilization and environmental awareness of students, actively create a green, harmonious and sustainable education environment, and continuously enhance the environmental awareness of teachers and students , Improve environmental protection capabilities, create a green campus, and formulate this plan in combination with the actual situation of our school.
   First, create a goal
Establish the general idea of "green culture" and "overall planning, step-by-step implementation, self-design, highlighting individuality, highlighting characteristics, forming a brand", leading the construction of campus culture with green culture, and cultivating student sentiment with an elegant and harmonious humanistic environment. Create a green campus culture. By creating a green campus, the greening rate and hardening rate of the campus reached 100%. The campus is lined with trees and beautiful scenery, and the natural landscape and human environment are lively and harmonious, which complement each other. The presence of green can be felt everywhere, the evergreens of the four seasons, and the humanities are highlighted.
Second, the main measures
(I) Strengthen leadership
1. Establish a leading group for the creation of a green campus, and set up a creation office to specifically manage the creation of the green school. Achieve clear division of labor and clear responsibilities. The principal will personally grasp it. The Political and Industrial Affairs Office, the Teaching Office and the General Affairs Office will cooperate closely to incorporate green environmental protection education into various education and teaching activities.
(1) Organizational leadership
Leader: Cai Wenbin
Deputy Leader: Wang Xiao Pan Limin
Member: Zhou Yunhai, Tang Xiaoyan, Ou Yingchun, Li Youmei, Wang Xinghui, Deng Xiaochun, Deng Tingyu, Zou Yousheng
(2) The leading group needs to complete the following tasks: a. Implement the division of responsibilities according to the plan; b. Formulate relevant rules and regulations; c. Supervise and guide the progress of the work; d. Plan the environmental construction of the school; e. Education-specific training; f. Implementation of related education funding.
2. Regularly hold special conferences to study, inspect and summarize the establishment of green campuses, continuously improve the level of environmental construction and management of our school, and promote the school's green environmental protection work.
(B) do a good job of environmental protection hardware construction in schools
1. Greening the campus. The overall planning of campus construction is planned. On the basis of campus construction, it is planned to adjust and expand the layout of flowers and trees to make the campus green layout reasonable.
2. Beautify the campus. Continue to strengthen the improvement of the campus environment and further beautify the campus environment. Set up environmental placards with pictures or art works on environmental themes. An environmental protection publicity column has been added. School radio stations regularly broadcast environmental protection content manuscripts, and strive to create an environmental protection atmosphere.
3. Purify the campus. Strengthen the construction of school environmental sanitation, achieve campus purification, clean classrooms, dormitory hygiene, clean toilets, and canteen hygiene in compliance with standards. Carry out the activities of “bending down for one second, purifying the campus” and “four chaos free” education. The Political Work Department arranges the school area, implements sanitary contracting, requires three sweeps a day, does not randomly throw fruit shells, paper scraps, develops good habits, and does good cleaning work.
4. The school will raise funds for green school construction through various methods such as self-raised funds, higher-level appropriations and social support. Add various types of trees, shrubs, ornamental flowers, plant lawns, set up the center of the campus square on the right side of the new teaching building, add stone benches between the flowers and trees, plant turf, renovate the school roads, and harden the campus mud.
(3) Emphasis on management and full participation.
The school adopts system management of up-down linkage, mutual promotion, horizontal mutual assistance, and vertical development to promote the entire creation work from the aspects of idea renewal, school management, classroom penetration, environmental protection activities, and environmental construction. The school's own equipment and facilities elements are harmonized with school management elements and humanistic elements of education and teaching to establish the important status of green construction, green management, green education, and student environmental protection activities in the comprehensive implementation of quality education, and ensure the establishment of green campus Carry it out solidly and persistently.
(4) Highlighting people-oriented concepts and improving cultural taste.
In the process of creating a green campus and a harmonious campus, it actively advocates humanistic education under the green concept, combined with the profound cultural heritage accumulated over the years in the school, to give the environment a certain cultural connotation, enhance the school's cultural taste, and highlight the cultural education function of the campus environment. In terms of infrastructure and environmental construction, we strive to reflect the "people-oriented" and "human and nature live in harmony", inherit and innovate design ideas and construction styles. Adhere to the simultaneous development of the human environment and green construction, carefully design and reasonable layout, and work towards the greening and landscaping of the campus environment to make it more humane, and strive to make every wall of the school speak, and every stream of water sings. Every tree educates people, and every student can understand the connotation of green culture, play the role of environment to nurture people, create people, cultivate people, transform people, and guide students to feel beauty, appreciate beauty, and create beauty.
(5) Building a green campus and promoting harmonious development.
In the process of creation, we insisted on "green" to lead the development of the school, under the guidance of the concept of "green, people-oriented, harmony and development", with green management, green education, green teaching, green student activities, green campus Environment, green interpersonal relationships, etc. have led the school to a virtuous track of sustainable development.
(6) In the process of constructing a green campus, following the school education philosophy of "education first, moral education first, quality first", organically combine traditional culture with modern culture, beautiful natural environment and harmonious human environment, tangible and intangible Unify and make green truly a culture and a brand; at the same time, combine the core values of school education, integrate innovation, fully display the school's deep cultural connotation and management philosophy, form a unique image characteristic of our school, and enhance the school's popularity and cultural taste .
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